Sharpe's Regiment (1996)

Release Date: 1996-05-01

Runtime: 1 hour and 40 minutes

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, History, TV Movie, War

Language(s): English, Hungarian, Russian


Told his battalion is to be split up due to lack of recruits at home, Sharpe and Harper return to England to investigate. What should have been a simple query turns politically explosive as they come nearer to exposing profiteering on the home front that could jeopardize the Wellington's war.

Cast 12
Sean Bean - Richard Sharpe
Daragh O'Malley - Patrick Harper
Abigail Cruttenden - Jane Gibbons
Michael Cochrane - Sir Henry Simmerson
Caroline Langrishe - Lady Anne Camoynes
James Laurenson - Major General Ross
John Tams - Daniel Hagman
Nicholas Farrell - Lord Fenner
Julian Fellowes - The Prince Regent
Norman Rossington - Horatio Havercamp
Alexander Armstrong - Rossendale
Adam James - Captain Carline
Directing 1
Tom Clegg - Director
Writing 2
Bernard Cornwell - Novel
Charles Wood - Screenplay

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