The Hunger Games (2012)

Release Date: 2012-03-12

Runtime: 2 hours and 22 minutes

Rating(s): 7.2 / 68

Genre(s): Science Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy

Language(s): English


Every year in the ruins of what was once North America, the nation of Panem forces each of its twelve districts to send a teenage boy and girl to compete in the Hunger Games. Part twisted entertainment, part government intimidation tactic, the Hunger Games are a nationally televised event in which “Tributes” must fight with one another until one survivor remains. Pitted against highly-trained Tributes who have prepared for these Games their entire lives, Katniss is forced to rely upon her sharp instincts as well as the mentorship of drunken former victor Haymitch Abernathy. If she’s ever to return home to District 12, Katniss must make impossible choices in the arena that weigh survival against humanity and life against love. The world will be watching.

Cast 52
Jennifer Lawrence - Katniss Everdeen
Josh Hutcherson - Peeta Mellark
Liam Hemsworth - Gale Hawthorne
Woody Harrelson - Haymitch Abernathy
Elizabeth Banks - Effie Trinket
Lenny Kravitz - Cinna
Stanley Tucci - Caesar Flickerman
Donald Sutherland - President Snow
Wes Bentley - Seneca Crane
Toby Jones - Claudius Templesmith
Alexander Ludwig - Cato
Isabelle Fuhrman - Clove
Amandla Stenberg - Rue
Willow Shields - Primrose Everdeen
Sandra Ellis Lafferty - Hob Vendor
Paula Malcomson - Katniss' Mother
Rhoda Griffis - Registration Woman
Sandino Moya-Smith - Propaganda Film Tribute
Raiko Bowman - Peeta's Mother
Dwayne Boyd - Peacekeeper #1
Anthony Reynolds - Peacekeeper #2
Judd Lormand - Peacekeeper #3
Kimiko Gelman - Venia
Nelson Ascencio - Flavius
Bruce Bundy - Octavia
Dayo Okeniyi - Thresh
Leven Rambin - Glimmer
Jack Quaid - Marvel
Latarsha Rose - Portia
Ian Nelson - Tribute Boy District 3
Kalia Prescott - Tribute Girl District 3
Ethan Jamieson - Tribute Boy District 4
Jacqueline Emerson - Fox Face
Mackenzie Lintz - Tribute Girl District 8
Imanol Yepez-Frias - Tribute Boy District 9
Annie Thurman - Tribute Girl District 9
Dakota Hood - Tribute Girl District 10
Amber Chaney - Avox Girl
Karan Kendrick - Atala
Shane Bissell - Birthday Boy
Kate Kneeland - Hovercraft Tech
Steve Coulter - Game Center Tech #1
Sharon Conley - Game Center Tech #2
Tim Taylor - Game Center Tech #3
John William Ross - Game Center Tech
Phillip Troy Linger - Katniss' Father
Jeremy Bonham - Capitol Citizen (uncredited)
Julie Ivey - Martha (uncredited)
Mary Fox - District 12 Citizen (uncredited)
Nicholas Azarian - District 12 Resident (uncredited)
Mark Meekins - Resident
Jeremy Marinas - Tribute Boy District 10 (uncredited)
Production 59
Debra Zane - Casting
Jackie Burch - Location Casting
Jon Kilik - Producer
Aldric La'Auli Porter - Co-Producer
Chantal Feghali - Co-Executive Producer
Robin Bissell - Executive Producer
Louise Rosner-Meyer - Executive Producer
Louise Rosner-Meyer - Unit Production Manager
Anne Tremblay - Administration
Donna Sloan - Executive In Charge Of Production
Suzanne Collins - Executive Producer
S. Todd Christensen - Location Manager
Martin Cohen - Co-Producer
Nina Jacobson - Producer
Douglas Dresser - Production Supervisor
John Sanchez - Production Coordinator
Bryan Unkeless - Co-Producer
Louis Phillips - Co-Producer
Diana Alvarez - Co-Producer
Melissa Kostenbauder - Casting Associate
Shayna Markowitz - Casting Assistant
Curtis A. Miller - Production Supervisor
Belly Mingmuong - Production Assistant
Liam Hearne - Post Production Accountant
Deborah Zadzora - Administration
Kate Emery - Art Department Production Assistant
Jason King - Assistant Location Manager
Adrian Valdes - Location Manager
Ashley Farber - Data Management Technician
Ron Perez - Data Management Technician
George Zidd - Data Management Technician
David M. Atkinson - First Assistant Accountant
Dax A. Cuesta - First Assistant Accountant
Penni Smith - Payroll Accountant
Alexandra N. Gonzalez - Post Production Coordinator
Catie Cullari - Assistant Production Coordinator
Kristen Portanova - Second Assistant Accountant
Tara Hummingbird Grey - Second Assistant Accountant
Casey Carmichael - Payroll Accountant
Allyson R.A. Howard - Accounting Clerk Assistant
Andrea Braswell - Accountant
Andrea Braswell - Accountant
Amanda Sutton - Post Production Accountant
Doug Mackenzie - Assistant Location Manager
Ellen Pfirrmann - Assistant Location Manager
Eddie Mills - Art Department Production Assistant
Chelsea Madison - Production Office Coordinator
T. Ryan Hill - Extras Casting Assistant
Alicia R. Elliott - Production Secretary
Caroline Livengood - Production Secretary
Derek Schneider - Data Management Technician
Cameron Weaver - Data Management Technician
Pierrot Berube - Production Assistant
Oliver Gravel - Production Assistant
Caroline Belisle - Administration
Sylvie Talbot - Administration
Allen Mascari - Production Assistant
Karen Sidlow - Contract Manager
Tona B. Dahlquist - Extras Casting
Camera 48
Tom Stern - Director of Photography
Patrick Loungway - Additional Photography
Maurice K. McGuire - Third Assistant "B" Camera
Murray Close - Still Photographer
Robby Baumgartner - Second Unit Director of Photography
Robby Baumgartner - Third Assistant "C" Camera
Christopher A. Schenck - Camera Operator
Duane Manwiller - Steadicam Operator
Duane Manwiller - Third Assistant "A" Camera
Eric Townsend - Grip
John Kairis - First Assistant "B" Camera
James W. Apted - First Assistant "A" Camera
Jimmy E. Jensen - First Assistant "C" Camera
Steven Cueva - First Assistant "C" Camera
David Noble - Best Boy Grip
Leslie Gordon - Grip
Sam Hurwitz - Epk Producer
Michael Karp - Camera Department Manager
Andrew Riggs - Grip
Steve A. Stephenson - Best Boy Grip
Steve Skinner - Key Grip
Guy Micheletti - Dolly Grip
Guy Micheletti - Key Grip
Brent Egan - Second Assistant "C" Camera
Alan Aldridge - First Assistant Camera
Danielle Rogers - Grip
Max Deleo - Second Assistant "B" Camera
Tony Nagy - First Assistant "B" Camera
Walrus "Waterslide" Howard - Second Assistant "B" Camera
Rylan Akama - Second Assistant "B" Camera
Michael McCully - Second Assistant "C" Camera
Ben D. Griffith Jr. - Best Boy Grip
Tim Rook - Dolly Grip
Rodney Robert Hoffman Jr. - Grip
Davidson J. Elliott - Grip
Philip Dann - Grip
Patrick Hayden - Grip
Michael Dean Kiesling - Grip
Ted C. Eachus - Grip
Joe Harold Page - Grip
Cory Skipper - Best Boy Grip
Joseph C. D'Alessndro - Camera Operator
Gary Scott - First Assistant Camera
Warren Brace - Second Assistant Camera
Shawn C. H. Baron - Grip
Brian Knox - Grip
Lane Oliver - Grip
Neil Orchard - Grip
Sound 50
James Newton Howard - Original Music Composer
Catherine Harper - Foley Artist
Christopher Moriana - Foley Artist
Tami Treadwell - ADR Mixer
Christopher Assells - Sound Editor
Lon Bender - Sound Designer
Jim Weidman - Music Editor
Michael Keller - Sound Editor
Michael Keller - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Ron Bedrosian - ADR Mixer
Nerses Gezalyan - Foley Mixer
Glenn T. Morgan - Sound Editor
Gary A. Hecker - Foley Supervisor
Nancy MacLeod - Foley Editor
Stuart Michael Thomas - Music Arranger
Gary Marullo - Foley Artist
David M. Roberts - Boom Operator
David Olson - Music Editor
Isobel Griffiths - Orchestrator
Margit Pfeiffer - Dialogue Editor
Kris Fenske - Sound Designer
Greg Hedgepath - Sound Editor
Bill R. Dean - Sound Designer
Paul Hackner - Sound Editor
Peter Zinda - Sound Editor
Curtis Roush - Music Editor
Glynna Grimala - ADR Supervisor
Patrick Christensen - ADR Recordist
Chris Navarro - ADR Mixer
Michael Prestwood Smith - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Shane Hayes - ADR Recordist
Steve Giammaria - ADR Mixer
Mark Weingarten - Production Sound Mixer
Wade Wilson - Foley Editor
Charlie Campagna - ADR Recordist
Carl Rudisill - Production Sound Mixer
Julio Carmona - ADR Recordist
Sven Faulconer - Music Arranger
William Ross - Music Arranger
Chris Main - Boom Operator
Sidney Williams - Sound Mixer
Maxime Vermette - ADR Mixer
Robert Llamas - ADR Recordist
Gray Bender - ADR Recordist
Drea Morin - ADR Recordist
Willa Yudell - Music Coordinator
Gavin Greenway - Orchestrator
Thomas Bowes - Orchestrator
Jo Buckley - Orchestrator
Jerome Leroy - Music Programmer
Crew 325
T Bone Burnett - Executive Music Producer
T Bone Burnett - Additional Music
Chad Stahelski - Stunt Coordinator
Lafleche Dumais - CG Supervisor
Veronique Guay - Compositor
Francois Leduc - Compositor
Nicolas-Alexandre Noel - CG Supervisor
Sébastien Rioux - Compositor
Guillaume St-Aubin-Seers - Compositor
Véronique Tremblay - Compositor
Boots Southerland - Stunts
Ryon Marshall - Stunts
Casey O'Neill - Stunts
Larnell Stovall - Stunts
Shawn Murphy - Score Engineer
Lateef Crowder - Stunts
Ben Howe - Propmaker
Allan Poppleton - Stunt Coordinator
Tara Macken - Stunts
Eddie Fernandez - Stunts
Marc Sadeghi - Executive Visual Effects Producer
Richard King - Stunts
Jeremy Marinas - Stunts
Pierre Blain - Compositor
Sean O'Connor - Compositor
Tim J. Smith - Stunts
Steve Cremin - Special Effects Coordinator
Ashton Moio - Stunts
Sean Lahiff - Visual Effects Editor
Kimberly Murphy - Stunts
Robert Blue - Compositor
Kristin Solid - Visual Effects Art Director
Alex Meddick - Visual Effects Editor
Mike Shannon - Transportation Captain
Craig Fehrman - Transportation Coordinator
Randy Vellacott - Compositor
William Purcell - Special Effects Technician
Cindy Berry - Propmaker
Jammie Friday - Compositor
Julie Stark - Compositor
Jon Valera - Fight Choreographer
Rae Signer - Scenic Artist
Annabelle Kent - Compositor
Russell Evans - Propmaker
Mark Rayner - Stunts
Shawn Broes - Visual Effects Editor
Adam Meadows - Set Production Assistant
Ben White - Set Production Assistant
Lisa Wilson - Intern
Timothy Bowman - Compositor
Sam Ly - Stunts
Dino Muccio - Stunts
Robert Althoff - Mix Technician
April A. Janow - Production Controller
Curtis Edwards - CG Supervisor
Todd Mesher - Digital Effects Supervisor
Brennan Prevatt - Digital Effects Supervisor
Mark Rodahl - Digital Effects Supervisor
Sean Rourke - Visual Effects Editor
William S. Lake - Propmaker
Aaron Toney - Stunts
Marijan Zoric - Chef
John Gilbert - Stunts
Max Harris - Compositor
Christopher Woodworth - Scenic Artist
William F. Gambill - Scenic Artist
Cassandra Barbour - Clearances Consultant
Brandon K. McLaughlin - Special Effects Assistant
Jade Quon - Stunts
Michael A. Fry - Set Production Assistant
Jared Losano - Stunts
Nadine Homier - Compositor
Samuel Lepage-Bedard - Compositor
Josh Pearson - Propmaker
Mike Stewart - Security
Paul W. Gorfine - Scenic Artist
Joe Nin Williams - Stunts
John Stewart - Compositor
Anna Stachow - Intern
Brian Deese - Special Effects Technician
David Deever - Video Assist Operator
John Rice Sr. - Transportation Captain
Justin Yu - Stunts
Lisa Deaner - Compositor
Renae Moneymaker - Stunt Double
Laura Sevier - Clearances Consultant
Jackson Spidell - Stunts
Lauren Baker - Production Office Assistant
Gary W. Lang - Propmaker
Leigha Hancock - Stunts
Raion Hill - Stunts
Tim Owen - Propmaker
Karin Silvestri - Stunts
Karin Silvestri - Stunt Double
Nick Dawson - Special Effects
Stephanie Fowler Adams - Studio Teacher
Melissa Zeigler - Set Production Assistant
Jocelyn Maher - Compositor
Katy Savoie - Compositor
Bill Georgiou - Compositor
Daniel Graham - Stunts
Roy Burger - Stunts
Anis Cheurfa - Stunts
Robert Gillis - Driver
Matthew Kelly Jackson - Film Processor
Stephanie Macomber - Scenic Artist
Gordon Huggins - Scenic Artist
Alex Doyle - Propmaker
Toby Angwin - Compositor
Bob Wiatr - Compositor
Patrice-Alain Barrette - Compositor
Chris Mark - Stunts
Ben Hammock - Set Production Assistant
Jeremy Holroyd - Propmaker
Lance Carter - Propmaker
Crystal L. Dellinger - Propmaker
Todd Stacey Anderson - Driver
Mark Day - Systems Administrators & Support
John Thomas - Scenic Artist
Emily Rice - Post Production Assistant
Jason Blackman - Production Office Assistant
Richard M. Cole - Generator Operator
William Rampey - Propmaker
Ceri Thomas - Mix Technician
Mathieu Dupuis - Compositor
Ralf Koch - Stunts
Elizabeth Guiberteau - Intern
William Johnson - Compositor
William Ross - Additional Music
Ben Campanaro - Compositor
Ante Dekovic - Compositor
John Brennick - Compositor
Emma Clifton - Compositor
Victor Ybiernas - Driver
Emmanuel Pelletier - Compositor
Mathieu Leclaire - Technical Supervisor
Patrick Piche - Technical Supervisor
Matthew Shaw - Compositor
Sebastian Bommersheim - Compositor
Ben Dickson - Compositor
Natalie Padilla - Stunts
Peter O'Connell - Compositor
Larry Brooks - Propmaker
Chris Bogart - Scenic Artist
Victor Lopez - Stunts
Robert Ferguson - Propmaker
Charles Mitchell - Propmaker
David Hill - Special Effects Technician
Robert Rowles - Compositor
Kara Peterson - Stunts
Sam Tan - Stunts
Scott Cosgrove - Stunts
Kylie Gardiner - Stunts
Kevin Hall - Stunts
Mike Hugghins - Stunts
Brian Robert Munce - Stunts
Joe Valera - Stunts
Tina Fuchs Wanner - Stunts
Le Dell Preston - Stunts
Kenneth Shelton - Stunts
Kenneth Shelton - Animal Coordinator
Steven Overman - Stunts
Tom Shelton - Stunts
Brian Matsumura - Film Processor
William Casey - Unit Publicist
William D. Lee - Special Effects Coordinator
Vince Acree - Special Effects Technician
Christian F. Eubank - Special Effects Technician
Phil H. Fravel - Special Effects Technician
Walter S. Kiesling - Special Effects Technician
Rob Rieker - Special Effects Technician
Morgan Rogers - Special Effects Technician
Michael Cremin - Production Office Assistant
Matt Appleby - Set Production Assistant
Michele Cusick - Set Production Assistant
Nicholas Hoisington - Set Production Assistant
Patrick Priest - Set Production Assistant
Tarin Squillante - Set Production Assistant
Derek Wilson - Set Production Assistant
Michelle D'Antonio - Intern
Sara Justus - Intern
Dustin Davis - Intern
Elizabeth Hines - Intern
Will Storrs - Intern
Rene Williams - Intern
Sarah Egri - Intern
Sergio Sanchez - Intern
Julia Pechanek - Intern
Omar Hashmy - Production Office Assistant
Drew Grant - Production Office Assistant
Drew Evan Grey - Production Office Assistant
Christopher Hewat - Production Office Assistant
Jessica Posada - Production Office Assistant
Jonwilder Lee Bartlett - Animal Wrangler
Kallen Hollifield Dehart - Animal Wrangler
Trey Gordon - Propmaker
Paul L. Saunders - Propmaker
Kevin Apsitis - Propmaker
Ilkay Avci - Propmaker
Sam Cody Ball - Propmaker
James B. Bell - Propmaker
Hobie Bohlen - Propmaker
William M. Bohlen - Propmaker
Steve Butner - Propmaker
James David Crouch - Propmaker
Jonathan Tucker Deese - Propmaker
Jim B. Earnhardt - Propmaker
Thomas C. Fitzpatrick - Propmaker
James Gallarini - Propmaker
Jeremy Gibbs - Propmaker
Joseph Golz - Propmaker
Rodney N. Goode - Propmaker
David Allen Granger - Propmaker
Kevin Halas - Propmaker
Michael E. Hall - Propmaker
Kenneth W. Heist Jr. - Propmaker
James J. Hogue Jr. - Propmaker
Ernest Huff - Propmaker
James Earl Jamieson - Propmaker
Danny Kiser - Propmaker
Jeff Kramer - Propmaker
Matthew Lamb - Propmaker
Reginald T. Lawson - Propmaker
Bryan H. Lee - Propmaker
Mario J. Liva - Propmaker
Hal McFeely III - Propmaker
Robert E. McNally - Propmaker
Randall R. Milazzo - Propmaker
Delane Moss - Propmaker
Lenual Mukai - Propmaker
Cal Ocampo - Propmaker
Sam Ogden - Propmaker
Mitchell O'Sheal - Propmaker
Evan Pileri - Propmaker
Tim Potts - Propmaker
Greg Price - Propmaker
Cara E. Rhodes - Propmaker
Albert Sheppard - Propmaker
Jessie Smith - Propmaker
Marty Smith - Propmaker
S. Curran Smith - Propmaker
John R. Smyrl - Propmaker
Steve Sonefeld - Propmaker
Bryan Paul Stewart - Propmaker
Lester V. Stone - Propmaker
Kevin Twomey - Propmaker
Scott B. Warner - Propmaker
Joseph Washburn - Propmaker
Jeffrey N. Weeks - Propmaker
Chris Wright - Propmaker
Richard Riggs - Scenic Artist
Rod Garvin - Scenic Artist
Greg Schmitz - Scenic Artist
Thomas John - Scenic Artist
Laura C. McPherson - Scenic Artist
Tim Hunley - Scenic Artist
Randal Woodward - Scenic Artist
Penny S. Thomas - Scenic Artist
Sean Whalen - Scenic Artist
Alton McClellan - Scenic Artist
Andrea Nowowiejski - Scenic Artist
Steven C. Penix - Transportation Co-Captain
Tracy Lafferty - Transportation Coordinator
Leonel Alvarez - Driver
Neil Castles - Driver
Dewey Graham - Driver
John C. Granger - Driver
Mike Gregorio - Driver
Kevin Andrew Hyde - Driver
Jim L. Johnson - Driver
Timothy Johnson - Driver
McCullen Lewis - Driver
Ladonna P. Norwood - Driver
Michael O'Brien - Driver
Joey Parker - Driver
Wayne Parviainen - Driver
Phil Shope - Driver
Dennis Steere - Driver
Rick Womelduff - Driver
Jimmy D. Wright - Driver
Craig Carter - Animal Wrangler
Anthony Zoric - Assistant Chef
Michelle Lee Brown - Craft Service
Robyn M. Brown - Assistant Craft Service
Brian Marshall Turner - Set Medic
Barry Coleman - Set Medic
Rich Bellina - Set Medic
Randy Bowie - Security
Tony Jenzano III - Video Assist Operator
Sadie Paige Barton - Set Production Assistant
Ryan Beams - Set Production Assistant
Lacourtney Garrett - Set Production Assistant
George Lefave - Set Production Assistant
Rose Luther - Set Production Assistant
James Edward Tilden - Set Production Assistant
Jeese Tyler - Set Production Assistant
Caleb S. Varnadoe - Set Production Assistant
Cathy Mitchell - Craft Service
Cindy Nache' Hatchel - Craft Service
Jacqueline "Bobbi" Wherry - Craft Service
Jennie Lebeau - Set Medic
Imraan Ismail - Post Production Assistant
Hubert D. Carroll II - Compositor
Johnathan Sims - Compositor
Randy Little - Compositor
Jalal Tchelebi - Technical Supervisor
Oliver Beaulieu - Compositor
Paul Beaudry - Compositor
Michel Bergeron - Compositor
Caroline Brien - Compositor
Sebastien Jacob - Compositor
Francois Metivier - Compositor
Benjamin Myers - Compositor
Anne Ui-Hyun Kim - Compositor
Samuel Norman - Compositor
Simon Dye - Compositor
Abdullah Ecirli - Compositor
Spyro Polymiadas - Systems Administrators & Support
Steven "Pix" Pickles - Systems Administrators & Support
Jeremy Burns - Compositor
Shawn Ewashko - Compositor
Feng Gao - Compositor
Jonathan B. Robinson - Compositor
David Sweeney - Compositor
Matt Ward - Mixing Engineer
Directing 12
Steven Soderbergh - Second Unit Director
Jon Kilik - Second Unit Director
Aldric La'Auli Porter - First Assistant Director
Chad Stahelski - Second Unit Director
Gary Ross - Director
John R. Saunders - Second Assistant Director
Peter Rodger - Second Unit Director
Scott Farrar - Second Unit Director
Dawn Gilliam - Script Supervisor
John Nasraway - Second Second Assistant Director
Alain Lacroix - Layout
Steve Pelchat - Layout
Art 87
Philip Messina - Production Design
Robert Fechtman - Art Direction
Larry Dias - Set Decoration
Lindsey Moran - Assistant Art Director
Paul Richards - Art Direction
Cindy M. Ichikawa - Art Department Coordinator
John Collins - Supervising Art Director
Tim Flattery - Concept Artist
Thomas A. Morris Jr. - Construction Coordinator
Wes Mattox - Shop Electric
Laurent Ben-Mimoun - Concept Artist
John Berger - Set Designer
Simon Herden - Painter
Trish Gallaher Glenn - Property Master
Ron Mendell - Props
George Lee - Set Designer
Alex Jaeger - Concept Artist
Edward J. Protiva - Set Dresser
Alex McCarroll - Set Designer
Kenneth Bryant - Set Dresser
Guy L.G. Covington Jr. - Greensman
Christian Alzmann - Concept Artist
Brian Baker - Set Designer
Ben Woodworth - Painter
Ben McEwan - Painter
Owen Carroll - Painter
Anthony Campbell - Set Dresser
Beatriz Kerti - Graphic Designer
Jeffrey DeBell - Greensman
Erin Draney - Lead Painter
Henry Dando - Greensman
Len Morganti - Storyboard Artist
Keith Andrews - Greensman
Monica Castro - Assistant Property Master
Brett Smith - Leadman
Michael Marcus - Graphic Designer
Sara Gardner-Gail - Set Decoration Buyer
Robert Lee Church - Greensman
Nick Pill - Art Direction
Gregg Perez - Set Dresser
Jeremy Kelly-Bakker - Painter
Sean Keenan - Set Dresser
Terry Haskell - Assistant Property Master
Jordan Foster - Set Dresser
Margaret Hungerford - Set Decoration Buyer
Trey Shaffer - Graphic Designer
Chris Biddle - Set Designer
Joanna Bush - Art Designer
Carson Gloster - Set Dresser
Steve-O Ladish - Set Dresser
Robert Davis - Set Dresser
Christopher Carlson - Set Decoration Buyer
Michael W. Poplin - Set Decoration Buyer
Guy Covington - Greensman
Jarrod Banner - Greensman
Michael Couzins - Greensman
Kevin Dick - Greensman
Jordon Finke - Greensman
Bonnie Mackenzie - Greensman
Hiroshi Katigari - Sculptor
Peter R. Minor - Location Scout
I. Karl Golden - Location Scout
Michael Bigham - Location Scout
Aaron Brent Jaggers - Construction Foreman
William Scot Noonan - Construction Coordinator
Lisa Kurk - Construction Buyer
Alexander Scutti - Key Construction Grip
Mared G. Scutti - Construction Foreman
Matthew Andrews - Painter
Thomas B. Aykroid Jr. - Painter
Aaron John Failing - Painter
Petra Abigail Gugler - Painter
Michael G. Khalil - Painter
Judith Orszula - Painter
Jehan Purcell - Painter
Lamont Snipes - Painter
Frank Stone - Painter
Nicole T. Strojny - Painter
George Vielma - Painter
Reid Southen - Concept Artist
Robert Stromburg - Concept Artist
Ivo Horvat - Concept Artist
Heath Baker - Paint Coordinator
Susan Immomen - Painter
Marcus Collins - Art Designer
Michael Frattasio - Painter
Jay Smith - Set Dresser
Editing 10
Stephen Mirrione - Editor
Juliette Welfling - Editor
Christopher S. Capp - Editor
Mark Sahagun - Digital Intermediate Editor
Bob Peishel - Digital Intermediate Producer
Patrick J. Smith - Assistant Editor
Michael Hatzer - Digital Colorist
Richard B. Molina - First Assistant Editor
Cherry Barber-Petenbrink - Colorist
Chris Jensen - Digital Colorist
Costume & Make-Up 132
Dan Moore - Costume Supervisor
Judianna Makovsky - Costume Design
Wendy Bell - Makeup Artist
Robin Beauchesne - Makeup Artist
Cheri Minns - Makeup Artist
Sheryl Blum - Hairstylist
Lisa Tomczeszyn - Assistant Costume Designer
Frances Mathias - Hairstylist
Nikoletta Skarlatos - Key Makeup Artist
Martha Callender - Makeup Artist
Ve Neill - Makeup Department Head
Kris Evans - Makeup Supervisor
Diana Acrey - Hairstylist
Edouard F. Henriques - Makeup Artist
Christian Cordella - Costume Illustrator
Bren Cook - Ager/Dyer
Linda Kamp - Makeup Artist
Wendy Moynihan - Costumer
Travis Pates - Makeup Artist
Tiffany Busche - Costumer
Marie Delprete - Makeup Artist
Steve Constancio - Costumer
Cyndi Reece-Thorne - Makeup Artist
David Dupuis - Makeup Artist
Conor McCullagh - Makeup Artist
Jason Willis - Makeup Artist
Linda D. Flowers - Hair Department Head
Linda D. Flowers - Hair Designer
Yvette Stone - Hairstylist
Scott R. Hankins - On Set Dresser
Barbara Cantu - Hairstylist
Bryan David Moss - Hairstylist
Rick Pour - Makeup Artist
Patricia McAlhany Glasser - Hairstylist
Teresa Beach - Costumer
Shawna-Nova Foley - Costumer
Ginger Knussmann - Costumer
Julia Rusthoven - On Set Dresser
Beka Wilson - Hairstylist
Anita Brabec - Makeup Artist
Erin Keith - Makeup Artist
Becky Cotton - Makeup Artist
Colette Slattery - Hairstylist
Colleen LaBaff - Hairstylist
Iraina Crenshaw - Hairstylist
Tricia Sawyer - Makeup Artist
Glenn Hetrick - Prosthetic Designer
Linda Lindsay Edwards - Costumer
Mary Everett - Hairstylist
Christina Raye - Hairstylist
Lindsay Irish-Desarno - Makeup Artist
Veronica Lorenz - Makeup Artist
Susan Buffington - Hairstylist
Myra N. Foy - Costumer
Robin McMullan - Costumer
Suzanne Diaz - Makeup Artist
Lisa Rocco - Makeup Artist
Janet Melody - Ager/Dyer
Bill Edwards - Key Costumer
Kate Sawyer - Costumer
Sylvia Hendrix - Hairstylist
Elizabeth Robinson - Hairstylist
Randa Squillacote - Hairstylist
Natalie Nye - Costumer
Deborah Ball - Hairstylist
Chris Varosky - Makeup Artist
Jennifer McCollom - Makeup Artist
Leslie Devlin - Makeup Artist
Steven R. Soussanna - Hairstylist
Elena Arroy - Makeup Artist
Evelyn Roach - Hairstylist
Vasilios Tanis - Makeup Artist
Herita Jones - Makeup Artist
Scott H. Reeder - Hairstylist
Meagan Herrera - Hairstylist
Pamela Miller - Costumer
Priscilla Green - Hairstylist
Lufeng Qu - Makeup Artist
Laura Wadford - Costumer
Bryan Whisnant - Hairstylist
Anthony Brooks - Makeup Artist
Dawn Turner - Hairstylist
Joyce Gilliard - Hairstylist
Anne Lee - Ager/Dyer
Monica Diventi - Hairstylist
Nicole DeFrancesco - Hairstylist
Robert Maverick - Makeup Artist
Kelly Davis - Costumer
Gina Baran - Hairstylist
Melanie Verkins - Hairstylist
Scott Johnson - On Set Dresser
Keva Keyes - On Set Dresser
R. A. Hossie - Costumer
Heidi Hafer - Costumer
Terri Helms - Costumer
Gloria Shih - Costume Illustrator
Peter De Oliveira - Makeup Artist
Gunn Espegard - Makeup Artist
Julie Socash - Makeup Artist
Bradley M. Look - Makeup Artist
Clare Gniadek - Key Hair Stylist
Joe E. Matke III - Hairstylist
Rex Faile - Hairstylist
Taylor Petenbrink - Hairstylist
Melissa B. Pollak - Hairstylist
Nicki Alkire - Hairstylist
Kelly E. Caldwell - Hairstylist
Heather Chobor - Hairstylist
Joshua Ditata - Hairstylist
Kathy Estocin-Foley - Hairstylist
Mary Ashton Glasser - Hairstylist
Jennifer Hanna - Hairstylist
Jerri Hanna - Hairstylist
Aubrey Harley II - Hairstylist
Mirah Hendrix - Hairstylist
Sparkles Hill - Hairstylist
Kimberly Holcome - Hairstylist
Kristen Howell - Hairstylist
Bryn E. Leetch - Hairstylist
Laura Lindsey - Hairstylist
Anthony Jordan McClain - Hairstylist
Chelsea E. Miles - Hairstylist
Michael Powell - Hairstylist
Taylor Price - Hairstylist
Autumn Lee Sandberg - Hairstylist
Lavonyelle Simmons - Hairstylist
Katrina Suhre - Hairstylist
Taran Hoyle - Hairstylist
Kerri Underwood - Hairstylist
Bernard Williams - Hairstylist
Lyle K. Wilson - Hairstylist
Suann Sobkowski - Costumer
Writing 4
Billy Ray - Screenplay
Gary Ross - Screenplay
Suzanne Collins - Screenplay
Suzanne Collins - Novel
Visual Effects 149
Jacquie Barnbrook - Visual Effects Producer
Dino Athanassiou - Animation Supervisor
Dawn Dininger - Character Designer
Michel Barrière - Compositing Supervisor
Joanie Croteau - Visual Effects Coordinator
Thierry Delattre - Visual Effects Supervisor
Daniel Leduc - Visual Effects Producer
Danny Levesque - Effects Supervisor
Pierre Raymond - Visual Effects Producer
Philippe Theroux - Visual Effects Supervisor
Colin Brady - Animation Supervisor
Bill Rodgers - Animation
Victor Grant - VFX Supervisor
Thomas Vincent - Matte Painter
John F.K. Parenteau - VFX Supervisor
Marc Aubry - Animation
Scott Patton - Lead Character Designer
John Rosengrant - Character Designer
Sven Martin - VFX Supervisor
Sean Lahiff - VFX Editor
Betsy Paterson - Visual Effects Supervisor
Scott Farrar - Additional Visual Effects
Harry Yoon - VFX Editor
Kristin Solid - Animation Supervisor
John Dietz - VFX Supervisor
Simon Herden - Rotoscoping Artist
Alex Meddick - VFX Editor
Vanessa Cheung - Matte Painter
Gary Nolin - Visual Effects Producer
Sam Baker - Animation
Michael Ornelaz - Character Designer
William Dawson - Pyrotechnic Supervisor
Mary Stuart - Visual Effects Producer
Richard Thwaites - VFX Production Coordinator
Björn Mayer - VFX Supervisor
Thomas Bremer - CG Animator
Jason Madigan - Compositing Supervisor
Eric Bates - Animation
Ben McEwan - Rotoscoping Artist
Virginia Wilson - Visual Effects Coordinator
Owen Carroll - Rotoscoping Artist
Guo-Feng Tang - VFX Production Coordinator
Dennis Jones - VFX Supervisor
David Covarrubias - Mechanical & Creature Designer
Richard Martin - Compositing Supervisor
Chris Grun - Matte Painter
Chad Shattuck - Animation
Gemma James - Visual Effects Production Manager
Victor Glushchenko - Animation Director
Eric Withee - Visual Effects Coordinator
Eric Hance - 3D Supervisor
Daniel Jeannette - Animation Supervisor
Wayne Lewis - Animation Supervisor
Todd Mesher - CG Artist
Amy Spanner - Visual Effects Coordinator
Christian Boudman - Compositing Supervisor
Jean-Pierre Flayeux - Compositing Supervisor
Mathieu Lalonde - Modeling
Jason Michael Zimmerman - Compositing Supervisor
Daniel Willis - Visual Effects Technical Director
Matthew Twyford - VFX Supervisor
Jimmy Gordon - Animation Technical Director
Daniel Midgley - Visual Effects Coordinator
Raphael Valle - Visual Effects Compositor
Steve Cypreos - Modeling
Suchitra Keshri - Modeling
Theodore Haines - Character Designer
Mark Kennedy - Animation
Kim Rampaul - Visual Effects Coordinator
Myléne Guérin - Visual Effects Coordinator
Anouk L'Heureux - Visual Effects Coordinator
Josef Sy - Animation
Morgan Read - Animation
David Alexander - CG Artist
Angie Howard - Visual Effects Production Manager
Shamus Baker - Modelling Supervisor
Eriks Vitolins - Animation
Andrew Butler - Creature Technical Director
Ian Joyner - Lead Character Designer
Mark Story - Visual Effects Coordinator
Akihito Ikeda - Character Designer
Joseph Shahood - Visual Effects Coordinator
Onesimus Nuernberger - Matte Painter
John Van Der Zalm - Creature Technical Director
Elaina Scott - Animation
Emanuele Paris - Visual Effects Technical Director
Damien Thaller - Matte Painter
Alex Poei - Animation
Mauricio Valderrama - Rotoscoping Artist
Helen Clare - Visual Effects Coordinator
Jason Shulman - Animation
Ben Roberts - Compositing Lead
Michael Comly - Matte Painter
Freddy Burgos - Animation
Omar Hashmy - Visual Effects Production Assistant
S. Regina Carney - Visual Effects Coordinator
G. "Nic" Nicholson - Visual Effects Technical Director
David Roberge - Modeling
Francois Chancrin - Lead Animator
Nathan Srigley - Animation
Gaetan Thiffault - Animation
Anto Bond - Modelling Supervisor
Ray Leung - Modeling
Na Song - Modeling
Paris Downes - Creature Technical Director
Heath Baker - Roto Supervisor
Susan Immomen - Rotoscoping Artist
Jeremy Kelly-Baker - Rotoscoping Artist
Eric Gambini - Layout Supervisor
Nathan Jones - Animation
Nathan Jones - Animation
Amy Sendon - Animation
Jared Embley - Visual Effects Technical Director
Prema Paetsch - Visual Effects Technical Director
Gabe Roccisano - Visual Effects Technical Director
Timmy Lundin - Visual Effects Technical Director
Garrett Fry - Matte Painter
Nick Cattell - Matte Painter
Tyler Bartley - Matte Painter
Alana Aranki - Compositing Lead
Beck Veitch - Compositing Lead
Megan Rohrbacher - Visual Effects Producer
Addie Manis - VFX Production Coordinator
Viktorija Ogureckaja - VFX Production Coordinator
Katharina Koepke - VFX Production Coordinator
Brooke Grossman - Compositing Lead
Xiaowei Wang - Compositing Lead
Thomas Lautenbach - VFX Supervisor
Jesse Looney - Visual Effects Coordinator
Yinai Sun - Visual Effects Coordinator
Lars Simkins - CG Animator
Kevin Kipper - CG Animator
Craig Chun - Modelling Supervisor
Sujesh Nair - Modeling
Trey Roane - Animation
Mikael Genachte-Le Bail - Matte Painter
Don Hatch - Visual Effects Supervisor
Michael Frattasio - Rotoscoping Artist
Josh Herman - Character Designer
Michelle Deville - Character Designer
Jeff Deist - Character Designer
Clint G. Reagan - Pre-Visualization Supervisor
Brandon Harr - Visual Effects Supervisor
Jeanette Brill - Visual Effects Producer
Tim Mackintosh - Creature Technical Director
Catalin Niculescu - Creature Technical Director
Nandan Phansalkar - Creature Technical Director
Jeremy Yeokhoo - Creature Technical Director
Steve Graves - CG Animator
Lighting 63
Ross Dunkerley - Chief Lighting Technician
Fabio Zangla - Lighting Supervisor
Dan Lewis - Best Boy Electric
Jeff Brinker - Rigging Grip
Buzzy Burwell - Assistant Chief Lighting Technician
Harrison Palmer - Electrician
Jack McCollum - Electrician
Dick Van Newkirk - Rigging Grip
Chris A. Herbert - Rigging Grip
Geoff Herbert - Rigging Grip
Jayson Barber - Rigging Grip
John Michael Lowery - Rigging Grip
Wesley R. Hardee - Rigging Grip
Scott Friedland - Rigging Grip
Jamie Baglio - Best Boy Electric
Launcelle Bustamante - Rigging Grip
James Young - Electrician
John Priebe - Rigging Gaffer
John Paul Palmer - Electrician
Tom Leonard - Rigging Grip
Dave Knudson - Rigging Grip
Daniel Murphy - Rigging Gaffer
James Davidson Bennett - Electrician
G. Dhiensuwana - Rigging Grip
Norman B. Adelsflugel - Rigging Grip
Neal G. Beard - Rigging Grip
Zach Dunlop - Rigging Grip
Christopher Johnson - Rigging Grip
Brandon Isaac Kincaid - Rigging Grip
Mathew Larsen - Rigging Grip
Adam Schaeffer - Rigging Grip
Mark Stover - Rigging Grip
Rocky Amon - Rigging Grip
Jason W. Batey - Rigging Grip
William Boone - Rigging Grip
Adrienne Brown - Rigging Grip
Derrick Brown - Rigging Grip
Kurt Chatfield - Rigging Grip
Trevor Hobbs - Rigging Grip
Jonathan Little - Rigging Grip
Jim Mahorney - Rigging Grip
Jason M. Younger - Rigging Grip
Joshua D. Quick - Electrician
Jeff Wallace - Electrician
Chrys Blackstone - Electrician
Benjamin Baggott - Electrician
Ron Clifford - Best Boy Electric
Barret B. Burlage - Electrician
Chase Livengood - Electrician
Henry O'Briant - Electrician
AJ Pontonero - Electrician
Dan Waller - Electrician
Martin A. Wolfe - Electrician
Danny Morganelli - Electrician
Brett Ray - Electrician
Jeffrey L. Sterner II - Electrician
James R. Tamaro - Gaffer
Dwayne Lance Elahie - Rigging Supervisor
Matt Derksen - Rigging Supervisor
Jubin Dave - Lighting Supervisor
Rus Brutsche - Lighting Artist
Thomas Capizzi - Lighting Artist
Jason Dunn - Key Rigging Grip
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