Men in Black II (2002)

Release Date: 2002-07-03

Runtime: 1 hour and 28 minutes

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction

Language(s): English


Kay and Jay reunite to provide our best, last and only line of defense against a sinister seductress who levels the toughest challenge yet to the MIB's untarnished mission statement – protecting Earth from the scum of the universe. It's been four years since the alien-seeking agents averted an intergalactic disaster of epic proportions. Now it's a race against the clock as Jay must convince Kay – who not only has absolutely no memory of his time spent with the MIB, but is also the only living person left with the expertise to save the galaxy – to reunite with the MIB before the earth submits to ultimate destruction.

Cast 62
Tommy Lee Jones - Kevin Brown, Agent Kay
Will Smith - Agent Jay
Rip Torn - Zed
Lara Flynn Boyle - Serleena
Johnny Knoxville - Scrad/Charlie
Rosario Dawson - Laura Vasquez
Tony Shalhoub - Jack Jeebs
Patrick Warburton - Agent Tee
Jack Kehler - Ben
David Cross - Newton
Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine - Hailey
Peter Spellos - Captain Larry Bridgewater, The Motorman
Michael Rivkin - the man with Harvey, the dog
Michael Bailey Smith - Creepy
Lenny Venito - New York guy
Howard Spiegel - New York guy
Alpheus Merchant - MIB guard
Jay Johnston - the younger Pizza Parlor MIB agent
Joel McKinnon Miller - agent
Derek Cecil - Repairman Agent
Sean Rouse - MIB Agent
Peter Spruyt - MIB Customs Agent
Kevin Cotteleer - MIB Customs Agent
Marty Belafsky - MIB Customs Agent
Rick Baker - MIB Passport Control Agent
Martha Stewart - Martha Stewart
Michael Jackson - Agent M
Sid Hillman - Agent Gee
Tom Whitenight - MIB Agent C
Nick Cannon - MIB Autopsy Agent
Andre Blair - Central Park Agent
Jeremy Howard - Bird Guy Alien / Postal Sorting Alien
Mary Stein - Bird Lady Alien
Martin Klebba - Family Child Alien
John Alexander - Jarra / Family Dad Alien
Denise Cheshire - Family Mom / Locker Alien
Ernie Grunwald - Young Postal Employee
Chloe Sonnenfeld - Elizabeth, Young Girl at the Post Office
John Andrew Berton Jr. - Split Alien Guy
William E. Jackson - Eye Guy
Doug Jones - Joey
Biz Markie - Rapping Alien
Peter Graves - Peter Graves
Linda Kim - Ambassador Lauranna
Paige Brooks - 'Mysteries in History' Lauranna
Stephanie Kemp - Neuralyzed Mother
Barry Sonnenfeld - Neuralyzed Father
Victoria Jones - Neuralyzed Daughter
Michael Garvey - Corn Face
Michael Dahlen - Flesh Balls
Kevin Grevioux - Pineal Eye
Derek Mears - Mosh Tendrils
Sonny Tipton - Dog Poop
John Richardson - Postman
Philip Goodwin - Diner Guy
Tim Blaney - Frank the Pug (voice)
Greg Ballora - Sleeble (voice)
Carl J. Johnson - Gleeble (voice)
Thom Fountain - Neeble (voice)
Brad Abrell - Mannix (voice)
Richard Pearson - Gordy (voice)
Brooke Bennett - Neuralyzed Daughter (uncredited)
Visual Effects 121
Crys Forsyth-Smith - Visual Effects Producer
Jim Berney - Visual Effects Supervisor
Ken Ralston - Senior Visual Effects Supervisor
Derek Thompson - Creature Design
Kathleen Beeler - CG Artist
Ian Christie - CG Artist
Greg Maloney - Compositing Supervisor
Lori J. Nelson - Visual Effects Producer
Allen Maris - Visual Effects Coordinator
Karen Ansel - CG Artist
Ned Gorman - Visual Effects Producer
Ginger Theisen - Visual Effects Producer
Zeke Morales - VFX Editor
David Sosalla - Visual Effects Supervisor
Sheena Duggal - Visual Effects Supervisor
Simon Allen - Animation
Marc Chu - Animation
Scott Anderson - Visual Effects Assistant Editor
Steve Ziolkowski - Animation
Thomas Schelesny - Animation
Delio Tramontozzi - Animation
Bill Westenhofer - Visual Effects Supervisor
Johnny Turco - Animation
Miguel A. Fuertes - Lead Animator
Dan Foster - Visual Effects Producer
Jeffrey Benedict - CG Artist
Greg Killmaster - CG Artist
John M. Levin - Visual Effects Coordinator
Bruce Powell - CG Artist
Bill Diaz - Animation
Jan van Buyten - Animation
Jeff Jingle - Creature Design
Barbara Townsend - CG Artist
Mauricio Baiocchi - Animation
John Andrew Berton Jr. - Visual Effects Supervisor
Heather Elisa Hill - Visual Effects Coordinator
Matt Bouchard - CG Artist
Wayne Billheimer - Visual Effects Coordinator
Alessandra Cave - Visual Effects Producer
Tim de Pala - Visual Effects Coordinator
David Marsh - CG Artist
Karen Klein - Rotoscoping Artist
Alia Agha - 3D Supervisor
Dan Cayer - Digital Compositors
Tom Bertino - Animation Supervisor
Brandon Craig - I/O Supervisor
Kiné Arnold - Visual Effects Coordinator
Eric Scott - Visual Effects Production Manager
Damien Carr - Visual Effects Production Assistant
Lawrence Huang - CG Artist
Eric Jennings - CG Artist
Simon Eves - CG Artist
Davey Crockett Feiten - Animation
Ryan Laney - CG Artist
Linda Schubell-Sundlin - Visual Effects Assistant Editor
Martin L'Heureux - Animation
Amy Christensen - CG Artist
Samuel Nunez - Matchmove Supervisor
Paul Ozzimo - Modeling
Brian R. Wells - Animation
Kent Estep - CG Artist
Carlos Baena - Animation
Matt Majers - Animation
Dovi Anderson - Animation
Lou Dellarosa - Animation
David Weatherly - Animation
Kimberly Mann - Animation
Tonya Noerr - Animation
Julija Learie - Animation
Michael Min - CG Artist
Billy Brooks - CG Artist
Bud Myrick - Animation
Tim Waddy - Animation
Jason Rosson - CG Artist
Terrance Tornberg - CG Artist
Minhee Choe - Animation
Durant Schoon - CG Artist
Natasha Devaud - CG Artist
Thomas Rosseter - Compositing Supervisor
Jason Mahakian - Modeling
Jeffrey Riley - Animation
Nick Pugh - CG Painter
John Monsour - 24 Frame Playback
Glenn Ramos - Lead Animator
Janice Bastian - Animation
Sharonne Solk - Animation
Kim Thompson - Animation
Mordechai Weisbrod - Animation
Jim Moorhead - Animation
Maurice Bastian - Animation
Bruce Dahl - Animation
Traci Horie - Animation
Mario Capellari - CG Artist
Gonzalo Escudero - CG Artist
Brad Falk - CG Artist
Gregor Lakner - CG Artist
Keith McCabe - CG Artist
Kevin McGowan - CG Artist
Jean-Colas Prunier - CG Artist
Angela Taylor - CG Artist
Tim Teramoto - CG Artist
Meghan Thornton - CG Artist
Khatsho John Orfali - CG Artist
Michael Dean Ludlam - CG Artist
Richard Ducker - CG Artist
Peg Hunter - CG Artist
Brian Kasper - CG Artist
Marc Toscano - CG Artist
Sara Mathew - CG Artist
Matt Jacobs - Compositing Lead
Yeen-Shi Chen - Modeling
Nancy Klimley - Modeling
Chien-Hsiung Wang - Modeling
Anthony Lucero - Visual Effects Assistant Editor
Paul Vega - Visual Effects Assistant Editor
Stacey Shear - Visual Effects Coordinator
Staci A. Hunter - Visual Effects Coordinator
Jacqueline Blackman - Visual Effects Production Assistant
Bryan Davis - Visual Effects Production Assistant
Andrés López - Visual Effects Production Assistant
Scott Souter - Visual Effects Supervisor
Production 51
Ronna Kress - Casting
Steven Spielberg - Executive Producer
Walter F. Parkes - Producer
Laurie MacDonald - Producer
Graham Place - Unit Production Manager
Graham Place - Co-Producer
Mark Kamine - Location Manager
Carla Raij - Location Manager
Barbara Harris - ADR Voice Casting
Bill Sturgeon - Production Supervisor
Jenny DeArmitt - Production Assistant
Marc Haimes - Associate Producer
Heather Elwell - Production Assistant
Robbie Goldstein - Location Manager
Stephanie Kemp - Associate Producer
Jason Minter - Location Manager
Shell Hecht - Production Office Coordinator
Karen Ruth Getchell - Production Coordinator
Gabriela Vázquez - Unit Production Manager
Scott Brines - Administration
Salvatore Carino - Production Accountant
Matt DiFranco - Production Coordinator
Thomas Dilligan - Researcher
Rhys Summerhayes - Production Assistant
Nour Dardari - Production Accountant
Erica Callas - Production Assistant
Jules Carideo - Assistant Production Coordinator
Neri Kyle Tannenbaum - Unit Production Manager
Michael Musteric - Production Assistant
Connie Czernek - Casting Assistant
Cecilia Escobar - Payroll Accountant
Maryellen Aviano - Extras Casting
Regina Heyman - Assistant Location Manager
Steven E. Simon - Production Assistant
Kenyon Noble - Production Assistant
Mark Kelly - Production Assistant
Linda Kroll - Producer's Assistant
Joy Johnson - Producer's Assistant
Jodie Fratantuno - Producer's Assistant
Kristian Sorge - Extras Casting
Jadi McCurdy - Production Assistant
Chrissy Phelan - Production Assistant
Paul C. Jones III - Production Assistant
Nancyana Racker - Production Assistant
Karen C. Eide - Production Coordinator
Lonnie Kandel - Production Coordinator
Julie Jean Naylon - Production Secretary
Jennifer Salada - Second Assistant Accountant
Ethan Anderson - Location Assistant
Jessica Archer - Location Coordinator
Robert Dorris - Production Assistant
Sound 48
Danny Elfman - Original Music Composer
Bill Abbott - Music Editor
Eugene Gearty - Sound Effects Editor
Skip Lievsay - Supervising Sound Editor
Craig Berkey - Sound Effects Editor
Andy Potvin - Dolby Consultant
Denise Horta - ADR Editor
Greg P. Russell - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Steve Bartek - Orchestrator
Paul Hsu - Sound Effects Editor
Marko A. Costanzo - Foley Artist
Juno J. Ellis - Supervising ADR Editor
Jay Peck - Foley Artist
Rick Canelli - ADR Recordist
Scott Stambler - Music Editor
Peter F. Kurland - Production Sound Mixer
Rick Wentworth - Conductor
Bruce White - Musician
George A. Lara - Foley Mixer
Mary Ellen Porto - Foley Editor
Sally Stevens - Playback Singer
Randall L. Johnson - Boom Operator
Kevin O’Connell - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Jeremy Peirson - Dialogue Editor
Sean Garnhart - Sound Effects Editor
John P. Fasal - Sound Effects Editor
Dennis S. Sands - Scoring Mixer
Bobby Mackston - Supervising Dialogue Editor
Rick Chefalas - Apprentice Sound Editor
Pilar McCurry - Music Supervisor
Edgardo Simone - Orchestrator
Bill Orrico - First Assistant Sound Editor
Pete Anthony - Conductor
David Slonaker - Orchestrator
Bruce Pross - Sound Editor
Marc-Jon Sullivan - Boom Operator
Tommy Louie - Utility Sound
Bruce Fowler - Orchestrator
Angela M. Catanzaro - Assistant Sound Editor
Stephen Janisz - ADR Editor
Dan Sharp - Sound Recordist
Thomas J. O'Connell - ADR Mixer
Tim Davis - Playback Singer
Oren Marshall - Musician
Larry Wineland - Assistant Sound Editor
Louise Di Tullio - Musician
Philip Harrelson - Assistant Sound Editor
Brian P. Williams - Sound Recordist
Art 51
Cheryl Carasik - Set Decoration
Bo Welch - Production Design
Kevin Ishioka - Set Designer
Sean Haworth - Art Direction
Alec Hammond - Art Direction
Thomas P. Wilkins - Art Direction
Maya Shimoguchi - Assistant Art Director
Fred Arbegast - Sculptor
François Audouy - Assistant Art Director
William Hawkins - Set Designer
Ellen Christiansen - Set Decoration
Suttirat Anne Larlarb - Assistant Art Director
Tim Flattery - Production Illustrator
Matt Rose - Sculptor
John Chichester - Set Designer
Aaron McBride - Conceptual Design
Frank McEldowney - Greensman
Scott Getzinger - Assistant Property Master
Doug Harlocker - Property Master
Pablo Ferro - Title Designer
Richard Bloom - Art Department Coordinator
Steve Koch - Sculptor
Jeffrey P. Buccacio Jr. - Sculptor
Greg John Callas - Construction Coordinator
Mitch Devane - Sculptor
Ken Nelson - Construction Coordinator
Ernest M. Sanchez - Leadman
Christian Alzmann - Conceptual Design
Philip Keller - Storyboard Artist
Francesco Ferrara - Painter
Michael Wylie - Art Direction
Peter Gelfman - Property Master
Henry Schaub - Standby Painter
John Mann - Storyboard Artist
Pamela Bertini - Art Department Assistant
David Chambers - Location Scout
James Carson - Production Illustrator
Ross La Terra - Set Dresser
Zoran Blazevic - Location Scout
Brian Pohl - Conceptual Design
Steve Thayer - Construction Foreman
Richard Hoffenberg - Construction Foreman
Peter Alvarez - Construction Foreman
Evan Pontoriero - Conceptual Design
Lee Sang-jun - Conceptual Design
Carlos Huante - Conceptual Design
Chris Ayers - Sculptor
Wayne Lo - Conceptual Design
Daniel Slavin - Conceptual Design
Brice Cox Jr. - Conceptual Design
Lawrence Chandler - Conceptual Design
Camera 31
Florian Ballhaus - Second Unit Director of Photography
Greg Gardiner - Director of Photography
Tim Collins - Grip
Phillip V. Caruso - Still Photographer
Melinda Sue Gordon - Still Photographer
Robert M. Andres - Key Grip
Kim Marks - Second Unit Director of Photography
Daniel C. Gold - Camera Operator
Keith Peterman - Second Unit Director of Photography
M. Todd Henry - First Assistant "B" Camera
Matthew Moriarty - Second Assistant Camera
Gregory W. Smith - Steadicam Operator
Zoran Veselic - First Assistant Camera
Jay Peterman - Second Assistant Camera
Mark Gutterud - First Assistant Camera
Zac Jackson - Additional Photography
Michael C. Price - Key Grip
Audie Aragon - Dolly Grip
Eric Budlong - Grip
Rebecca Venezia - Camera Production Assistant
Michael S. Epley - Dolly Grip
Chris Skutch - Best Boy Grip
Edward W. Lowry - Dolly Grip
Brian Fitzsimons - Best Boy Grip
Malcolm Doran II - Best Boy Grip
Steve Craft - Assistant Camera
Dennis Gamiello Jr. - Key Grip
Jennifer Koestler - Second Assistant Camera
David Elmore - Second Assistant Camera
Deborah Thomas - Data Wrangler
Michael Alexonis - Best Boy Grip
Directing 15
Barry Sonnenfeld - Director
Christian P. Della Penna - Second Unit First Assistant Director
Artist W. Robinson - First Assistant Director
Artie Malesci - Second Unit Director
Peter Soldo - Second Assistant Director
George Bamber - Second Unit First Assistant Director
Michael Owens - Second Unit Director
Mary Bailey - Script Supervisor
Julie A. Bloom - Second Unit First Assistant Director
Susan Eileen Stewart - Script Coordinator
T. Sean Ferguson - Second Assistant Director
Deanna Stadler - Second Assistant Director
Maria Battle Campbell - Second Second Assistant Director
Kiersten Pilar Miller - Second Assistant Director
Michael Samson - Second Unit First Assistant Director
Writing 4
Lowell Cunningham - Comic Book
Barry Fanaro - Screenplay
Robert Gordon - Screenplay
Robert Gordon - Story
Costume & Make-Up 22
Mary E. Vogt - Costume Design
Chad Waters - Makeup Artist
Deborah La Mia Denaver - Key Makeup Artist
Pierce Austin - Hairstylist
Steve Artmont - Assistant Makeup Artist
Judy Murdock - Makeup Artist
Mitchell Ray Kenney - Costume Supervisor
John Blake - Makeup Artist
John M. 'Jack' Wright - Key Costumer
Arlynn Abseck - Wardrobe Supervisor
Carolyn Elias - Assistant Hairstylist
Jerry DeCarlo - Hairstylist
Deborah Rutherford - Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Diana Choi - Wigmaker
Janice Alexander - Hair Department Head
Cydney Cornell - Hairstylist
Kathryn Bihr - Makeup Artist
Sonya M. Andonov - Set Costumer
Barbara Hause - Wardrobe Supervisor
Beate Petruccelli - Costume Supervisor
Robert Mata - Costumer
Ninalou Risolio - Costumer
Editing 15
Richard Pearson - Editor
Steven Weisberg - Editor
Jim Passon - Color Timer
Anthony Harris - Digital Color Timer
JC Bond - Associate Editor
Randy Trager - Assistant Editor
Maria Gonzales - Assistant Editor
Norm MacLeod - Dialogue Editor
William Kruzykowski - First Assistant Editor
Marta Alicia Masferrer - Editorial Production Assistant
Mo Henry - Negative Cutter
Jordan Dawes - Assistant Editor
Sarah Thiessen - Assistant Editor
Robb Miller - Digital Color Timer
Rodger Goeckeritz - Project Manager
Crew 90
Jim Beinke - Special Effects
Charles Croughwell - Stunt Coordinator
Thomas L. Fisher - Special Effects Coordinator
Debbie Denise - Executive Visual Effects Producer
Joe Gareri - Executive Visual Effects Producer
Paul A. Levin - Post Production Supervisor
Al Cerullo - Pilot
James Fanning - Transportation Captain
Michael Bauer - CG Supervisor
Chris Armstrong - Sequence Leads
Callie Croughwell - Stunts
Wendi Bromley - Stunt Double
Sean Graham - Stunts
Clay Donahue Fontenot - Stunts
Joel Aron - Sequence Supervisor
Derrick Mitchell - Visual Effects Editor
Miller Drake - Visual Effects Editor
Russell Earl - Sequence Supervisor
Jeff Brink - Special Effects
David Nakabayashi - Visual Effects Art Director
Rob Harris - Unit Publicist
Mika Saito - Stunts
Charles E. Alston - Actor's Assistant
Jeff Wozniak - Compositor
Chris Morley - Compositor
Michael T. Kennedy - Compositor
Jason Dowdeswell - Compositor
Joe Salazar - Compositor
Shawn Hillier - Compositor
Chris Sayour - Stunts
Mimi Abers - Compositor
Mark Lambert - CGI Supervisor
David Fogg - Compositor
Joni Avery - Stunts
Tory Mercer - Compositor
Daniel Eaton - CGI Supervisor
John 'Magic' Wright - Craft Service
Christopher Sjoholm - Digital Effects Supervisor
Gabe Turiello - Driver
Ann Gray - Post Production Assistant
Patricia Walker - Scenic Artist
Will Anielewicz - Sequence Supervisor
Michael D. Gillis - Set Production Assistant
Dan Lake - Software Engineer
Joe Stevano - Systems Administrators & Support
Patrick Bentz - Transportation Co-Captain
Jade Quon - Utility Stunts
Peter A. Mian - Video Assist Operator
Tamara Nobles - Digital Producer
Wayne Petrucelli - Security Coordinator
David Tanaka - Visual Effects Editor
Julie Adrianson-Neary - Compositor
Tom Heilig - Transportation Captain
Robert K. Johnson - Transportation Co-Captain
William Morts - Stunts
Tim Gibbons - Compositor
Bradford Ralston - Video Assist Operator
Kenny Searle - Transportation Captain
Colin Campbell - Compositor
Dan Crawley - Special Effects Technician
Clifford Happy - Stunts
Stephen Marshall - Software Engineer
Tom Zils - Compositor
Michael Pecchia - Compositor
Ana Veselic - Post Production Assistant
Randolph LeRoi - Stunts
Barry Safley - Compositor
Jen Howard - Compositor
Karim Sahai - Compositor
Christina Drahos - Compositor
Cristie Miele - Animal Wrangler
Janine L. Aines - Animal Wrangler
Dawn Jones - Actor's Assistant
Michelle Croughwell - Stunts
Megan Robinson - Stunts
Dennis Salomone Sr. - Transportation Captain
Pamela Monroe - Transportation Coordinator
Jesse Tipton - Utility Stunts
Cathy Burrow - Compositor
Don Crawford - Compositor
James Hagedorn - Compositor
Ken Sjogren - Compositor
Susan M. Weeks - Compositor
Heather Hoyland - Compositor
Sandy Karpman - Compositor
Page Frakes - Compositor
Chris Gibbons - Compositor
Amelia Chenoweth - Sequence Supervisor
John Helms - Sequence Supervisor
Kevin Reuter - Sequence Supervisor
Lighting 16
Steve Reinhardt - Assistant Chief Lighting Technician
Jeff Murrell - Chief Lighting Technician
Huston Beaumont - Rigging Grip
Gene Engels - Chief Lighting Technician
Dennis J. Lootens - Gaffer
Frank Dorowsky - Rigging Gaffer
Andy Day - Gaffer
Bryan Booth - Electrician
Robert Bardy - Lighting Artist
Alberto Noti - Lighting Supervisor
Todd Grunberger - Rigging Grip
Bob Leitelt - Rigging Grip
Steve Comesky - Best Boy Electric
Rocco Palmieri - Best Boy Electric
Branch M. Brunson - Best Boy Electric
Francis J. McBride - Rigging Gaffer
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