Six Kids and Their Uncle (1966)

Release Date: 1966-09-30

Runtime: 1 hour and 54 minutes

Rating(s): 6.4

Genre(s): Family, Comedy

Language(s): Danish


Erik Lund is a child psychologist and defend a doctoral thesis on the subject. His knowledge is at the very theoretical level, and he will be seriously trouble when he for a time has to babysit his sister's six children ranging in age from baby to teenager. Fortunately, the neighbor cute daughter, Lisbeth has a more practical take on things.

Cast 25
Axel Strøbye - Erik Lund
Karl Stegger - Andersen
William Rosenberg - Peter Berg
Jeanne Darville - Else Berg
Pusle Helmuth - Pusle Berg
Sonja Oppenhagen - Rikke Berg
Bjørn Puggaard-Müller - Betjent
Hugo Herrestrup - Betjent
Jytte Abildstrøm - Togpassager
Emil Hass Christensen
Birgit Sadolin
Jan Priiskorn Schmidt
Vibeke Houlberg
Lars Madsen
Thecla Boesen
Ole Søltoft
Bent Vejlby
Solveig Sundborg
Elith Foss
Gunnar Lemvigh
Poul Thomsen
Edouard Mielche
Knud Hallest
The Rocking Ghosts
Directing 1
Annelise Reenberg - Director
Sound 1
Sven Gyldmark - Music
Crew 1
Annelise Reenberg - Script
Production 1
Poul Bang - Production Manager
Camera 1
Ole Lytken - Director of Photography
Writing 1
John Habberton - Novel
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