Father of Four: At The Top (2017)

Release Date: 2017-02-09

Runtime: 1 hour and 27 minutes

Rating(s): 4

Genre(s): Family, Action, Comedy

Language(s): Danish


Everyone is afraid of something. Also Father. He suffers from a terrible case of fear of heights. And for him to not decline a new job opportunity, located on the 27th floor, which could save the family from moving across the country, the family decides to travel to Norway to cure his phobia. But it will soon be clear that Father's phobia isn't the only obstacle standing in their way.

Cast 16
Martin Brygmann
Thomas Bo Larsen
Elton Rokahaim Møller
Laura Lavigne Bie-Olsen
Mingus Hellemann Hassing
Coco Hjardemaal
Anne Sofie Espersen
Yrsa Bjarup Riis
Lukas Toya
Josefine Lindegaard
Jacob Riising
Ulrik Waarli Grimstad
Anne Karin Broberg
Frode Solbakk
Elisabeth Grimmestad
Lise Kamp Dahlerup
Directing 1
Martin Miehe-Renard - Director

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