Men in Black 3 (2012)

Release Date: 2012-05-23

Runtime: 1 hour and 46 minutes

Genre(s): Action, Comedy, Science Fiction

Language(s): English


Agents J and K are time. J has seen some inexplicable things in his 15 years with the Men in Black, but nothing, not even aliens, perplexes him as much as his wry, reticent partner. But when K's life and the fate of the planet are put at stake, Agent J will have to travel back in time to put things right. J discovers that there are secrets to the universe that K never told him - secrets that will reveal themselves as he teams up with the young Agent K to save his partner, the agency, and the future of humankind.

Cast 66
Will Smith - Agent J
Tommy Lee Jones - Agent K
Josh Brolin - Young Agent K
Michael Stuhlbarg - Griffin
Emma Thompson - Agent O
Jemaine Clement - Boris The Animal
Nicole Scherzinger - Boris's Girlfriend
Alice Eve - Young Agent O
Bill Hader - Andy Warhol
Michael Chernus - Jeffrey Price
David Rasche - Agent X
Keone Young - Mr. Wu
Cayen Martin - Colonel's Son
Mike Colter - Colonel
Mela Hudson - Downtown Hipster
Will Arnett - Agent AA
Kelvin Davis - Soldier (uncredited)
Dan Bittner - MIB Tech #1 (uncredited)
Stella Velon
Clarke Thorell - Prison Guard #1
Adam Mucci - Prison Guard #2
Tom McComas - Prison Guard #3
Douglas Crosby - Prison Guard #4
Woodie King Jr. - 2012 MIB HQ Guard
Jack O'Connell - 1969 MIB HQ Guard
Tobias Segal - 1969 MIB Agent #1
Jon Shaver - 1969 MIB Agent #2
Gerritt Vandermeer - 1969 MIB Agent #3
Alexandra O'Hara - Mom
Katy Frame - Diner Waitress
Violet O'Hara - Little Chocolate Milk Girl
Valence Thomas - Coney Island Hippie
Chloe Sonnenfeld - Coney Island Flower Child
Lanny Flaherty - Obadiah Price
Rick Baker - Brain Alien
Joseph D'Onofrio - New York Mets Fan #1
Joseph R. Gannascoli - New York Mets Fan #2
Kevin Townley - Funky 60's Dude
Stephen Brian Jones - Guru
Tyler Johnson - Muscle Boy at Happening
Kati Rediger - Muscle Boy's Girlfriend at Happening
Victor Joel Ortiz - Air Force MP #1
Charlie Barnett - Air Force MP #2
Ian Blackman - Car Theft Victim
Jeremy Beiler - Hotel Doorman
Liliane Klein - Screaming Lady on Ferris Wheel
Britt Chandler Johnson - Detained Teenage Alien
Jared Johnston - Neil Armstrong
Ken Arnold - Buzz Aldrin
Jonathan Drew - Michael Collins
Joel Brady - 1969 Man in Elevator
David Pittu - Roman The Fabulist
Lenny Venito - Bowling Ball Head
Anthony J. Gallo - Four-Armed Alien
James Martin Kelly - 1969 NYPD Cop #1
Will McLaughlin - 1969 NYPD Cop #2
Kimmy Suzuki - Mr. Wu's Bartender
Kirk Larsen - Dead Zed
Barry Sonnenfeld - Husband Watching Launch
Susan Ringo - Wife Watching Launch
Stephanie Ellis - Young Wife #1 Watching Launch
Amy Erwitt - Young Wife #2 Watching Launch
Brad Abrell - Worm (voice)
Tim Blaney - Worm (voice)
Thom Fountain - Worm (voice)
Carl J. Johnson - Worm (voice)
Directing 7
Barry Sonnenfeld - Director
Michael Lerman - First Assistant Director
Christopher Surgent - Second Unit First Assistant Director
Peter Thorell - Second Assistant Director
Brett Robinson - Second Second Assistant Director
Simon Crane - Second Unit Director
Mary Bailey - Script Supervisor
Writing 3
Etan Cohen - Screenplay
Lowell Cunningham - Comic Book
Stanley D. Williams - Script Consultant
Sound 35
Danny Elfman - Original Music Composer
Bobby Johanson - ADR Mixer
Howard London - ADR Mixer
Rupert Nadeau - Assistant Sound Editor
Randall L. Johnson - Boom Operator
Pete Anthony - Conductor
Rick Wentworth - Conductor
Robert Troy - Dialogue Editor
Robin Harlan - Foley Artist
Sarah Monat - Foley Artist
Randy Singer - Foley Mixer
Bill Abbott - Music Editor
Dennis S. Sands - Scoring Mixer
Michael Ripoll - Musician
George Doering - Musician
Neel Hammond - Musician
Don Williams - Musician
Oren Marshall - Musician
Bruce White - Musician
Edgardo Simone - Orchestrator
David Slonaker - Orchestrator
Paul N.J. Ottosson - Supervising Sound Editor
Paul N.J. Ottosson - Sound Designer
Paul N.J. Ottosson - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Jamie Hardt - Sound Effects Editor
Hamilton Sterling - Sound Effects Editor
Greg ten Bosch - Sound Effects Editor
Tom Fleischman - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Scott Oatley - Vocals
Peter F. Kurland - Production Sound Mixer
Denise Okimoto - Music Editor
Bernard Weiser - Sound Effects Editor
James Simcik - ADR Editor
Mark Pappas - Foley Editor
Juno J. Ellis - Supervising ADR Editor
Camera 35
Bill Pope - Director of Photography
Daniel Erickson - Camera Technician
Kai Wai Cheng - Additional Grip
Eve Strickman - Additional Second Assistant Camera
Kevin Lowry - Dolly Grip
Paul Candrilli - Best Boy Grip
Jim McConkey - Steadicam Operator
Adam Sonnenfeld - Camera Production Assistant
Robert Strait - Digital Imaging Technician
Tiffany Armour-Tejada - Digital Imaging Technician
Bjorn G. Jackson - Digital Imaging Technician
Christopher M. Elassad - Dolly Grip
Greg Luntzel - First Assistant Camera
Denny Kortze - First Assistant "B" Camera
Tristan Allen - Grip
Marcel Ciurea - Grip
Glenn Fishel - Grip
John Gatland - Grip
Keith Gordon - Grip
Nick Haines-Stiles - Grip
James Heerdegen - Grip
Daniel Huebbe - Grip
Aaron Jacobs - Grip
Daniel Letizia - Grip
Shaun Lowry - Grip
John Nasta - Grip
John Nijhawan - Grip
Mitchell Andrew Lillian - Key Grip
Peter Drinco - Key Grip
Chad Herr - Key Grip
John Oliveri - Second Assistant "A" Camera
Hamilton Longyear - Second Assistant "B" Camera
Wilson Webb - Still Photographer
Jim McConkey - "A" Camera Operator
Igor Meglic - Second Unit Director of Photography
Production 119
Laurie MacDonald - Producer
Walter F. Parkes - Producer
G. Mac Brown - Executive Producer
Steven Spielberg - Executive Producer
Ellen Chenoweth - Casting
Joyce Cox - Co-Producer
Paul A. Levin - Associate Producer
Riyoko Tanaka - Co-Producer
Neslihan Arslan - Art Department Production Assistant
Raquel Cedar - Art Department Production Assistant
Alexios Chrysikos - Art Department Production Assistant
David Hendrickson - Art Department Production Assistant
Diem Hoang - Art Department Production Assistant
David Meyer - Art Department Production Assistant
Catherine Devaney - Art Department Production Assistant
Carol Cuddy - Unit Production Manager
Ben Katz - Additional Production Assistant
Tim O'Connor - Additional Production Assistant
Janelle Coleman - Additional Production Assistant
Zackry Barclift - Additional Production Assistant
Ed Gately - Additional Production Assistant
Carolina Gimenez - Additional Production Assistant
Kenton McKinley - Additional Production Assistant
Hyo Park - Assistant Location Manager
Paul Singh - Assistant Location Manager
Alexander Barrow - Assistant Production Coordinator
Kate Sprance - Casting Assistant
Amelia Rasche McCarthy - Casting Associate
Allison Hall - Extras Casting
Sara Patel - Extras Casting
Justin Bischoff - Key Set Production Assistant
Bill Ahern - Location Assistant
Alex Berard - Location Assistant
Stuart Berberich - Location Assistant
Richard Connors - Location Assistant
Timothy Goldberg - Location Assistant
Ben Thomas Holley - Location Assistant
Jason Kadlec - Location Assistant
Phillip Saxton - Location Assistant
Jeremy Edward Williamson - Location Assistant
Malcolm Alston - Location Assistant
Julie Solomon - Location Assistant
Brittany Rostron - Location Coordinator
Erin Hallbauer - Location Coordinator
Robert T. Striem - Location Manager
Jonathan Hook - Location Manager
Greg Highsmith - Payroll Accountant
Janice Brabaw - Payroll Accountant
Ann Gray - Post Production Coordinator
Molly Brolin - Production Assistant
David S. Bryant - Production Assistant
Anthony Buckner - Production Assistant
Christina Chow - Production Assistant
George Daratany - Production Assistant
Katie Ennis - Production Assistant
Marissa Fiore - Production Assistant
Daniel Florio - Production Assistant
Chapel Folger - Production Assistant
Karl Frankenfield - Production Assistant
Teddy Gibbons - Production Assistant
Tiffani Gray - Production Assistant
Cyrano Hardy - Production Assistant
Chad Matthew Hursa - Production Assistant
Cory Kadamani - Production Assistant
Kaelan Kelly-Sordelet - Production Assistant
Zanetta King - Production Assistant
Harry Lapham - Production Assistant
Kyle Lavore - Production Assistant
Feifei Ling - Production Assistant
Anthony Lote - Production Assistant
Saul Luzeus - Production Assistant
Cathleen McFadyen - Production Assistant
Cris Mertens - Production Assistant
Mike Mushkin - Production Assistant
Andrew Nordstrum - Production Assistant
Zachary Parris - Production Assistant
Terry Perry - Production Assistant
Bryce Phillips - Production Assistant
Streeter Phillips - Production Assistant
Kenneth Pratt - Production Assistant
Nicholas Ramirez - Production Assistant
Brandon Ripley - Production Assistant
Natasha Rivera - Production Assistant
Jason Rueda - Production Assistant
Jeremy Sam - Production Assistant
Jeff Sedwick - Production Assistant
Marlon Small - Production Assistant
Jon Sosis - Production Assistant
Nick Stergiou - Production Assistant
Kirollos Toma - Production Assistant
Christian Vogeler - Production Assistant
Kit Wiitanen - Production Assistant
Christopher James Meyers - Production Assistant
Derek Shane Garcia - Production Assistant
Michael Tuths - Production Assistant
Clarence Hammond - Production Assistant
Derrick Hammond - Production Assistant
Kareema Bee - Production Assistant
Gemma Dadourian - Production Assistant
Crystal Munson - Production Assistant
Chancelle Mafoua - Production Assistant
James Parsons - Production Assistant
Christopher Michael Beer - Production Assistant
Kyle Gorjanc - Production Assistant
Stephanie Muyco - Production Assistant
Mark Hagerman - Production Coordinator
Caspar von Winterfeldt - Finance
David C. Sales - Production Secretary
John Edmundson - Production Secretary
Samantha Humphreys - Researcher
Lisa Madden - Second Assistant Accountant
Will O'Dwyer - Second Assistant Accountant
Santena Jenaris King Clough - Second Assistant Accountant
Ivette Ledon - Second Assistant Accountant
Anouk Frösch - Travel Coordinator
Chad E. Collier - Data Management Technician
Kailin Ryan - Production Assistant
G. Mac Brown - Unit Production Manager
Barbara Harris - ADR Voice Casting
Editing 13
Wayne Wahrman - Editor
Don Zimmerman - Editor
Kent Blocher - Assistant Editor
David Zimmerman - Assistant Editor
Mitch Paulson - Digital Colorist
Jason Solberg - First Assistant Editor
Girish Takle - Online Editor
Dhirendra Chhatpar - Stereoscopic Editor
Harikrishna Dubey - Stereoscopic Editor
Vaibhav Marathe - Stereoscopic Editor
Andrew Francis - Digital Colorist
Michael Dillon - Digital Intermediate Producer
Lewis Menga - Stereoscopic Editor
Art 88
Bo Welch - Production Design
Susan Bode - Set Decoration
Kasra Farahani - Art Direction
Erik Knight - Art Department Coordinator
C. Scott Baker - Assistant Art Director
Richard Bloom - Assistant Art Director
Marion Kolsby - Assistant Art Director
Clint Wallace - Set Designer
Shannon Robert Bowen - Assistant Property Master
Josh Roth - Assistant Property Master
Max Sherwood - Assistant Property Master
Nicole Eldredge - Assistant Property Master
Kevin Chen - Concept Artist
Vance Kovacs - Concept Artist
Raj Rihal - Concept Artist
Craig Shoji - Concept Artist
Paul Ozzimo - Conceptual Design
Tully Summers - Conceptual Design
Christopher S. Ross - Conceptual Illustrator
Henrik Tamm - Conceptual Illustrator
Joseph Alfieri - Construction Coordinator
Michael Diersing - Construction Coordinator
James Cappello - Construction Foreman
Steven E. Lawler - Construction Foreman
Peter Bulavinetz - Construction Grip
Kai Wai Cheng - Construction Grip
Rashad Clinton - Construction Grip
Justin Corbett - Construction Grip
Tim Davies - Construction Grip
Robert K. Feldmann - Construction Grip
Gavin Holmes Jr. - Construction Grip
Daniel Lowry - Construction Grip
Shawn Mulligan - Construction Grip
Danny Nallan - Construction Grip
Ralph Perri - Construction Grip
Chris Schait - Construction Grip
Ron Engler - Construction Grip
Dianne Chadwick - Graphic Designer
Vanessa Merrill - Graphic Designer
Arlo Hoffman - Greensman
Joanna Hartell - Greensman
Patrick Shelby - Construction Grip
Kenneth Brzozowski - Head Carpenter
Joseph Alfieri - Head Carpenter
Marc Vranesich - Key Construction Grip
Bruce Lee Gross - Leadman
Doug Harlocker - Property Master
Scott Getzinger - Property Master
Stephanie Armstrong - Props
Michael Cory - Props
Ana Katharina Dreschsler - Props
Isaac Gabaeff - Props
Kyle Salvatore - Props
Ryan Webb - Props
Jasmine Ballou Jones - Props
Kim Richey - Props
Jordu Schell - Sculptor
Lauren Lustig - Set Decoration Buyer
Joseph Hiura - Set Designer
Dimitra Bixby - Set Dresser
Brian Durham - Set Dresser
Nicholas Gatto - Set Dresser
Sean Haines - Set Dresser
Jeni Harden - Set Dresser
Timothy Joliat - Set Dresser
James Klotsas - Set Dresser
Peter Levitsky - Set Dresser
Al Lewis - Set Dresser
Frazer Newton - Set Dresser
Jessica Panuccio - Set Dresser
Eric Pastore - Set Dresser
Thomas Hudson Reeve - Set Dresser
Jennifer Santucci - Set Dresser
Zach Selter - Set Dresser
Patrick Campbell - Storyboard Artist
Brick Mason - Storyboard Artist
Jose F. Guerrero - Location Scout
Daniel Pollack - Location Scout
Meg Thornton - Textile Artist
Stephen Pardee - Textile Artist
Ashley E. Singer - Textile Artist
Pablo Ferro - Title Designer
Peter Gagnon - Concept Artist
Stephen Lawes - Creative Director
W. Steven Graham - Art Direction
Maya Shimoguchi - Art Direction
Kelly Solomon - Art Department Coordinator
Kevin Loo - Set Designer
Costume & Make-Up 70
Mary E. Vogt - Costume Design
Erika Abberton - Additional Hairstylist
Dierdre Harris - Additional Hairstylist
Theresa Marra-Siliceo - Assistant Hairstylist
Jon Jordan Dibartolomeo - Assistant Hairstylist
Paula Kelly - Assistant Makeup Artist
Mary Anne Spano - Assistant Makeup Artist
Robert Fama - Hair Department Head
Jason Hayes - Wig Designer
Jason Hayes - Hairstylist
Sacha Quarles - Hair Department Head
Sasha Cummins - Hairstylist
Susan Schectar - Hairstylist
Nereida Soto - Hairstylist
Pierce Austin - Hairstylist
Christine Fennell - Key Hair Stylist
Don Kozma - Key Makeup Artist
Matt Rose - Key Makeup Artist
Monique Benoit - Makeup Artist
Barry Berger - Makeup Artist
Christine Domaniecki - Makeup Artist
Joseph Farulla - Makeup Artist
Souraya Hamdi - Makeup Artist
Scott Hersh - Makeup Artist
Heidi Kulow - Makeup Artist
Sylvia Malangone Cappelli - Makeup Artist
Paul Molnar - Makeup Artist
Pat Moore-Theis - Makeup Artist
Mike Smithson - Makeup Artist
Dina Sliwiak - Makeup Artist
Christien Tinsley - Makeup Artist
Judy Murdock - Makeup Artist
Bernadette Mazur - Makeup Department Head
Federico Cervantes - On Set Dresser
James Whelan - On Set Dresser
Margaret Prentice - Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Michael Marino - Special Effects Makeup Artist
David Presto - Special Effects Makeup Artist
Michael Fontaine - Special Effects Makeup Artist
K.J. Hanna - Special Effects Makeup Artist
Michael Harvey - Special Effects Makeup Artist
Stephen M. Kelley - Special Effects Makeup Artist
Bart Mixon - Special Effects Makeup Artist
Tim Phoenix - Special Effects Makeup Artist
Yoichi Art Sakamoto - Special Effects Makeup Artist
Vincent Schicchi - Special Effects Makeup Artist
Chad Waters - Special Effects Makeup Artist
Stephen Prouty - Special Effects Makeup Artist
Laura Frecon - Assistant Costume Designer
Patrick Wiley - Assistant Costume Designer
Staci Greenbaum - Costume Coordinator
Christian Cordella - Costume Illustrator
Nicole Greenbaum - Costume Supervisor
Donna Maloney - Costume Supervisor
Jason Adam V - Costumer
Amber Jordyn - Costumer
Yaneya Rovira - Costumer
Monica Russell - Costumer
Crystal Thompson - Costumer
Rosi Zingales - Costumer
Sandi Figueroa - Costumer
Robert Mata - Costumer
Kelly Porter - Costumer
Kortney Lawlor - Set Costumer
Carmia Marshall - Set Costumer
Yolanda Holmes - Set Costumer
Katalina Iturralde - Set Costumer
Polly Fossey - Tailor
Dain I. Kalas - Tailor
LaVonne Richards - Tailor
Visual Effects 186
Hugo Dominguez - VFX Artist
Mark Hawker - Special Effects Supervisor
Trevor Strand - Visual Effects Compositor
Chris Tost - Animation
Carolyn Vale - Animation
Melt van der Spuy - Animation
Robert Barros - Animation
Scott Fritts - Animation
Vincent Gorman - Animation
Jeff Lin - Animation
Chris McGaw - Animation
Elisabeth Franklin - Animation
Steve Cady - Animation
Oz Gani - Animation
Wesley Chandler - Animation
Keith W. Smith - Lead Animator
Glen Sylvester - Lead Animator
Craig McPherson - Lead Animator
Michael Kimmel - Senior Animator
Amy Lu - Senior Animator
Norris Houk - 3D Modeller
Spencer Cook - Animation Supervisor
Rylan Mattes - Animation
Tong Zhou - CG Artist
Kirstin Hall - Compositing Lead
Jamie Hallett - Compositing Lead
James Kuroda - Compositing Supervisor
Scott Camera-Smith - Compositing Supervisor
Shervin Shoghian - Compositing Supervisor
Christian Boudman - Compositing Supervisor
John Koltai - Animation
Doug Appleton - Animation
Andrew Paulus - Animation
Pranay Agarwal - Digital Compositor
Frank Akrong - Digital Compositor
Jordan Alphonso - Digital Compositor
Christopher Courtland - Digital Compositor
Doug Cram - Digital Compositor
Bharat De - Digital Compositor
Marie Victoria Denoga - Digital Compositor
Mike Diltz - Digital Compositor
Mathias Frodin - Digital Compositor
Senthilnathan Jeyabalan - Digital Compositor
Viv Jim - Digital Compositor
Samuel Jørgensen - Digital Compositor
Kareem K.H. - Digital Compositor
Darpan Kataria - Digital Compositor
Jiwoon Kim - Digital Compositor
Pency Kinnard - Digital Compositor
Mark Larranaga - Digital Compositor
Jessica Laszlo - Digital Compositor
Scott Lissard - Digital Compositor
Alex Llewellyn - Digital Compositor
Juan Carlos Mendoza - Digital Compositor
Udit Mohan - Digital Compositor
Mike Ocoboc - Digital Compositor
Riaz Patel - Digital Compositor
Sandesh Ramdev - Digital Compositor
Stephen Robertson - Digital Compositor
Wendy Seddon - Digital Compositor
Takashi Takeoka - Digital Compositor
Syria Toliver - Digital Compositor
Patrick Trahan - Digital Compositor
Karla Ventocilla - Digital Compositor
Jaikishan Vyas - Digital Compositor
Jadan Duffin - Digital Compositor
Rick Shick - Digital Compositor
John Stewart - Digital Compositor
Robert Nicholas Dauphinais - Digital Compositor
Ryan Leonard - Digital Compositor
David Piombino - Digital Compositor
Brad Moylan - Digital Compositor
Mrityunjay Singh - Digital Compositor
Daniel Bryant - Digital Compositor
Nitant Karnik - Digital Compositor
Shane Cook - Digital Compositor
Sean Loughran - Digital Compositor
John Mangia - Digital Compositor
Henrik Fält - Visual Effects Technical Director
Antoine Durr - Visual Effects Technical Director
Deborah Carlson - Visual Effects Technical Director
Jared Barber - Lead Animator
Michael Adkisson - Compositing Lead
Christina Drahos - Compositing Lead
Donny Rausch - Compositing Lead
Thomas Rosseter - Compositing Lead
John LePore - Lead Animator
Paul Hargrave - Compositing Artist
Aaron Estrada - Compositing Artist
Zach Christian - Matte Painter
Taehyun Park - Modeling
Eric Neill - Modeling
Barbaros Sarisozen - Modeling
George Longo - Modeling
Marvin Kim - Modelling Supervisor
Dan Ziegler - Pipeline Technical Director
Igor Boshoer - Pipeline Technical Director
Hiroshi Mori - Pre-Visualization Supervisor
Shannon Justison - Pre-Visualization Supervisor
Nitesh Mishra - Rotoscoping Artist
Jayaraj Muthukumar - Rotoscoping Artist
Shashank Tandle - Rotoscoping Artist
Rahul Toraskar - Rotoscoping Artist
Vipin Tripathi - Rotoscoping Artist
Raphael Santos - Rotoscoping Artist
Stephanie Sweeney - Roto Supervisor
Nadarajan Usha Abheesh - Roto Supervisor
Eddie Chew - Senior Animator
Chad Finnerty - Senior Animator
Nitin Singh - Stereoscopic Coordinator
Ilene Kim - Stereoscopic Coordinator
Ritesh Aggarwal - Stereoscopic Supervisor
Glenn Snyder - Stereoscopic Technical Director
Sarah Blank - VFX Artist
Katherine Bouglai - VFX Artist
Zack Broussard - VFX Artist
John Abraham Chempil - VFX Artist
Bryan Davies - VFX Artist
K. Ramya Devi - VFX Artist
Tony Diep - VFX Artist
Patrick Finley - VFX Artist
Adam Folse - VFX Artist
Adam Folse - VFX Artist
Andrew Furlong - VFX Artist
Arijit Ghosh - VFX Artist
Ricardo Gomez - VFX Artist
Rajan Gulati - VFX Artist
Bruce Harris - VFX Artist
Abhishek Joshi - VFX Artist
Jacob Kebodeaux - VFX Artist
Jacob Kebodeaux - VFX Artist
Tom Lynnes - VFX Artist
Pranav Malasi - VFX Artist
Jason Mohan - VFX Artist
Anoop M. Nair - VFX Artist
Thomas Pushpathadam - VFX Artist
Dan Rankin - VFX Artist
Alessandro Righi - VFX Artist
Yogesh Sharma - VFX Artist
Brian Silva - VFX Artist
Doug Spilatro - VFX Artist
J. Thomas Wilson - VFX Artist
Jen Hao Yeh - VFX Artist
Mai Gray - VFX Artist
Melvin Pereira - VFX Artist
Laurenn Reed - Visual Effects Producer
Tracy L. Kettler - VFX Production Coordinator
Theo Vandernoot - VFX Supervisor
Onur Can Cayli - Visual Effects
Jay Shindell - Visual Effects
Philip Sisk - Visual Effects
Danielle Birch - Visual Effects Coordinator
Elayaraja - Visual Effects Coordinator
Rachel Faith Hanson - Visual Effects Coordinator
Nancy Heller - Visual Effects Coordinator
Tanner Joyce - Visual Effects Coordinator
Eric Kimelton - Visual Effects Coordinator
Matt Salkin - Visual Effects Coordinator
Nidhi Seth - Visual Effects Coordinator
Clint Spillers - Visual Effects Coordinator
Barry St. John - Visual Effects Coordinator
Claire Sun - Visual Effects Coordinator
Svetlana Tesnes - Visual Effects Coordinator
Yi Yang - Visual Effects Coordinator
Alice Kahn - Visual Effects Coordinator
Chelsea Kammeyer - Visual Effects Coordinator
Ryan Delaney - Visual Effects Coordinator
Sarah Cauchois - Visual Effects Producer
Joyce Cox - Visual Effects Producer
Shome Dasgupta - Visual Effects Producer
Eric Scott - Visual Effects Producer
Julia Neighly - Visual Effects Producer
Greg Behrens - Visual Effects Producer
Ken Ralston - Visual Effects Supervisor
Jay Redd - Visual Effects Supervisor
Gregory Oehler - Visual Effects Supervisor
Jon Cowley - Visual Effects Supervisor
Ray McIntyre Jr. - Visual Effects Supervisor
Steven Dugaro - Visual Effects Technical Director
Jeff Benjamin - Visual Effects Technical Director
Jaehyun Yoo - Visual Effects Technical Director
Amit Desai - Visual Effects Technical Director
Mathieson Facer - Visual Effects Technical Director
Matthew Rampias - Visual Effects Technical Director
Dushyant Kashyap - Visual Effects Technical Director
Manovigianek Jehman - Visual Effects Technical Director
Crew 132
Mark Aaron Wagner - Stunts
Riley Harper - Stunts
Leni Calas - Assistant Picture Car Coordinator
James C. Allen - Carpenter
Michelle Burnworth - Carpenter
Glen A. Gregory - Carpenter
Edward J. Johnson - Carpenter
James Wendelken - Carpenter
Dane Wilson - Carpenter
Monica Hada - Post-Production Manager
Fred O'Connor - Prop Maker
Robert Barnett - Scenic Artist
Stephen Barth - Scenic Artist
Colin Brantley - Scenic Artist
Patricia Colburn - Scenic Artist
Lauren Doner - Scenic Artist
Christopher Kay - Scenic Artist
Kathryn C. McGinnis - Scenic Artist
Michael Sheridan Smith - Scenic Artist
Morgan Muta - Special Effects Technician
Karen Han - Additional Music
Greg Loskorn - Score Engineer
Bruce Y. Kuroyama - Pyrotechnician
Dave Reeder - Special Effects Assistant
James R. Bilz - Special Effects Technician
Roland Blancaflor - Special Effects Technician
J.C. Brotherhood - Special Effects Technician
Bruce Allan Donnellan - Special Effects Technician
Doug Facciponti - Special Effects Technician
Shane Gross - Special Effects Technician
Tom Homsher - Special Effects Technician
Mike Maggi - Special Effects Technician
Jeff Ogg - Special Effects Technician
Charlie Simunik - Special Effects Technician
Kevin Zack - Special Effects Technician
Doug Coleman - Stunt Coordinator
Simon Crane - Stunt Coordinator
Wade Eastwood - Stunt Coordinator
Jalil Jay Lynch - Stunt Double
Rocky Kellon Smith - Stunts
Chris Barnes - Stunts
Bobby Beckles - Stunts
Jared Burke - Stunts
Chris Cenatiempo - Stunts
Eliza Coleman - Stunts
J. Patrick Daily - Stunts
Damon T. Dana - Stunts
Steve DeCastro - Stunts
Norman Douglass - Stunts
Shauna Duggins - Stunts
Kiante Elam - Stunts
Mark Fichera - Stunts
Tim Gallin - Stunts
Christopher Gordon - Stunts
Terry Jackson - Stunts
Drew Leary - Stunts
Michael Li - Stunts
Mark Norby - Stunts
Chris Palermo - Stunts
Monte Rex Perlin - Stunts
Mike Pyle - Stunts
Kevin Randleman - Stunts
Marc Scizak - Stunts
Daniel Stevens - Stunts
Jake Swallow - Stunts
Shawnna Thibodeau - Stunts
Jim Wilkey - Stunts
Marcus Young - Stunts
Dave Van Zeyl - Stunts
Dawn Noel Pignuola - Stunts
Nito Larioza - Stunts
Randy James Beckman - Stunts
Rockey Dickey Jr. - Stunts
Susan Ringo - Thanks
Silke Matzpohl - Thanks
Benjamin J. Stern - Thanks
Wilson Rivas - Craft Service
Michael A. Leo - Generator Operator
David Haines - Stand In
Philippe Vonlanthen - Stand In
Rob Tode - Stand In
Alexis Lancer - Post Production Assistant
Tamara Bally - Production Controller
Danny Frommer - Set Medic
Devin Mone - Set Medic
Matthew Roper - Set Medic
Dustin Bewley - Set Production Assistant
Mary Knauf - Set Production Assistant
Scott Koche - Set Production Assistant
Robert Teten - Set Production Assistant
Paul Kahil - Set Production Assistant
Ronald Scott Maestri - Stand In
C.J. Stussi - Stand In
Ross Beshear - Stand In
Bryan Webster - Stand In
Craig Striano - Techno Crane Operator
Frances Fiore - Unit Publicist
McCord Fitzsimmons - Video Assist Operator
David Presley - Video Assist Operator
Michael Sean Foley - CG Supervisor
Darren Lurie - CG Supervisor
Craig Wentworth - CG Supervisor
Corey Coates - Compositor
Peter Dudley - Compositor
John R. McConnell - Compositor
Donald Tse - Compositor
Ian A. Harris - Compositor
Andy Mower - Compositor
Sutrayepavankumar - Compositor
Jaymie Lam - Compositor
Kevin Pierce - Compositor
L. Elizabeth Powers - Compositor
Craig Crawford - Compositor
Makana Sylva - Compositor
David Seager - CG Supervisor
Kee-Suk 'Ken' Hahn - Digital Effects Supervisor
John Kreidman - Digital Producer
Carey Smith - Digital Producer
Nancy St. John - Executive Visual Effects Producer
Kurt Judson - Sequence Lead
Marc-Andre Davignon - Software Engineer
J. Robert Ray - Software Engineer
Sean Looper - Software Engineer
John Welborn - Software Engineer
Tad A. Gielow - Software Team Lead
Debbie Denise - Executive Visual Effects Producer
Jeff Beattie - Visual Effects Editor
Sharon Smith Holley - Visual Effects Editor
Joel Thompson - Visual Effects Editor
Guy T. Wiedmann - Visual Effects Editor
Deborah Giarratana - Executive Visual Effects Producer
Rick Mischel - Executive Visual Effects Producer
Lighting 34
Chad Strohmayer - Best Boy Electric
Pat Crooks - Best Boy Electric
Bob Finley III - Chief Lighting Technician
Jesse Dublanica - Electrician
Frank Duffy III - Electrician
Derek Gross - Electrician
Craig Paul Harris - Electrician
Christopher Heikel - Electrician
Travis Hottinger - Electrician
Kurt Kroll - Electrician
William MacGhee - Electrician
Christian May - Electrician
Peter McEntyre - Electrician
Jerad Molkenthin - Electrician
Kyle D. Moore - Electrician
Rob Riccobono - Electrician
Michael Rudolph - Electrician
Deborah Zometa - Electrician
Michael C. Maronna - Electrician
Eric Boncher - Gaffer
Bill O'Leary - Gaffer
James Boniece - Key Rigging Grip
Jeremy Knaster - Lighting Technician
Richie Ford - Rigging Gaffer
Louis Petraglia - Rigging Gaffer
Brian Bishop - Rigging Grip
Patrick Lowry - Rigging Grip
Jesse Pelikan - Rigging Grip
Daniel Rieser - Rigging Grip
Randy M. Salo - Rigging Grip
Patrick Shelby - Rigging Grip
Craig Vaccaro - Rigging Grip
Aaron Estrada - Lighting Artist
Paul Hargrave - Lighting Artist
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