Real Steel (2011)

Release Date: 2011-09-28

Runtime: 2 hours and 7 minutes

Genre(s): Action, Science Fiction, Drama

Language(s): English


In the near-future, Charlie Kenton is a washed-up fighter who retired from the ring when robots took over the sport. After Charlie's robot is trashed, he reluctantly teams up with his estranged son Max to rebuild and train an unlikely contender.

Cast 172
Hugh Jackman - Charlie Kenton
Dakota Goyo - Max Kenton
Evangeline Lilly - Bailey Tallet
Anthony Mackie - Finn
Kevin Durand - Ricky
Hope Davis - Aunt Debra
James Rebhorn - Marvin
Karl Yune - Tak Mashido
Olga Fonda - Farra Lemkova
John Gatins - Kingpin
Sophie Levy - Big Sister
Tess Levy - Little Sister
Charlie Levy - Littlest Sister
Gregory Sims - Bill Panner
Torey Adkins - Large Texan Man
Tom Carlson - San Leandro Gentleman #1
John Hawkinson - San Leandro Gentleman #2
David Alan Basche - ESPN Boxing Commentator
Phil LaMarr - ESPN Boxing Commentator
David Herbst - Starblaze Arena Reporter
Julian Gant - Starblaze Arena Reporter
Ken Alter - Virgin America Spectrum Ring Announcer
Leilani Barrett - Virgin America Spectrum Ref
Eric Gutman - WRB Promoter
Nicholas Yu - Twin Cities Corner Tech
D.B. Dickerson - Twin Cities Controller
Peter Carey - Bing Arena Announcer
Dan Lemieux - Bing Arena Ref
Richard Goteri - Older Gentleman
Tim Holmes - Blacktop Controller
Ricky Wayne - Underground Promoter
Taris Tyler - Robot Promoter
Kevin Dorman - Atom Performance Capture
John Manfredi - Sergei Lemkova
Wendy Aaron - Robot Handler / Fight Fan (uncredited)
Rachael Adams - Pretty Girl (uncredited)
Mike Ancrile - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Lamar Babi - Russian / Boxing Fan (uncredited)
Apollo Bacala - Paparazzi (uncredited)
Leah Barkoff - Upscale Fight Fan (uncredited)
Joshua Ray Bell - Rodeo Cowboy (uncredited)
Christina M. Bender - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Clark Birchmeier - Bar Patron (uncredited)
Don Boerst - VIP Fight Fan (uncredited)
Mark Bonto - Funny Security Guard (uncredited)
Zachary Borromeo - Fair Goer (uncredited)
Ben Hernandez Bray - Ricky's Henchman (uncredited)
Wayne Brinston - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Wayne E. Brown - Upscale Boxing Fan (uncredited)
Geneva Brunetti - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Justin Calkins - Rodeo Cowboy (uncredited)
Steven Campbell - Crash Palace Fight Fan (uncredited)
Jeff Caponigro - Bailey's Dad (uncredited)
Michael Patrick Carmody - Axelrod Handler (uncredited)
Ron Causey - Kingpin's Henchman (uncredited)
Justin Chrzanowski - Twin Cities Fight Fan (uncredited)
Michael B. Clark - Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Will Clarke - Photographer (uncredited)
Chris Coldren - Twin Cities Upscale Fight Fan (uncredited)
Sandy Coonan - Metro Fan - Big Rock / Zoo (uncredited)
Jahnel Curfman - Panoramic Fight Fan (uncredited)
Haylee Detroit Dewar - Gang Member (uncredited)
John Dezsi - Drunkard (uncredited)
P.J. Edwards - Axelrod Controller (uncredited)
Shannon Edwards - Ringside VIP - New York (uncredited)
Raffi Elias - Ringside Security Guard (uncredited)
Rima Fakih - Herself (uncredited)
Tom Feldpausch - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Johnny Flynn - ESPN Commentator (uncredited)
Stephen C. Forsell - Rodeo Vendor (uncredited)
Sarah Forton - Girl at Fair (uncredited)
Stephen Fosner - Vendor at Rodeo (uncredited)
Logan Fry - Rabid Fight Fan (uncredited)
Nesti Gee - Robot Handler (uncredited)
Ryan Genther - Texas Fairgoer (uncredited)
Dan Gerics - Townsperson (uncredited)
Joey Ghinelli - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Jacob Godzak - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Ashley Goulson - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Megan Grant - Vendor (uncredited)
Brandon Green - Fight Fan (uncredited)
J.J. Green - Crash Palace Fan (uncredited)
Rebecca Guth - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Steven Gätjen - Starblaze Arena Reporter (uncredited)
Shane Hagedorn - Photographer (uncredited)
Joey Harlow - Upper Class Upscale Fight Fan (uncredited)
Pennie-Marie Hawkins - ESPN Box (uncredited)
Ron Heisler - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Robert Herrick - Bar Date (uncredited)
Kathryn Henzler - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Christopher W. Hodshire - Rodeo Cowboy (uncredited)
Suzy Hunt - Upscale Fight Fan (uncredited)
Markus James - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Pauline Ann Johnson - Bull Fight Attendee (uncredited)
Traver Johnson - Zoo Fight Fan (uncredited)
Gary T. Jones - Rich Man (uncredited)
Jennie Kahn-Jacques - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Ko Kaiden - Japenese Reporter #1 (uncredited)
Douglas King II - Zoo Fight Fan / Spectrum Roadie (uncredited)
Lauren Kole - Girl at Fair (uncredited)
Nathan Kranzo - Photographer (uncredited)
Joe Kras - Boxing Fan (uncredited)
Amy LaPlante - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Kef Lee - Zeus Robot Handler #1 (uncredited)
Amanda Lewan - Waitress (uncredited)
Anna Li - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Dervis Lici - Photographer (uncredited)
Linda Linsley - Female Livestock Judge (uncredited)
Nathaniel Loveland - Upper Class Fight Fan (uncredited)
Bill Lowery - Ring Security Guard (uncredited)
Rich Lozano - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Bill Lumbert - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Brad Leo Lyon - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Mary Magyari - Usher (uncredited)
Chris Mannix - Writer #1 (uncredited)
Melissa Marra - Fight Fan / Fair Goer (uncredited)
Rance Martin - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Bryan Matti - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Jessica McLarty - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Samuel Meadows - Boxing Fan (uncredited)
Jordan Kenneth Messing - Vendor (uncredited)
Ralph H. Meyer - Cowboy / Upscale Fan (uncredited)
Antonio L. Miller - Lead Security Guard (uncredited)
Wendel Millstead - Farrah's Body Guard (uncredited)
Gary L. Minix - Laughing Zoo Fight Fan (uncredited)
Megan Mockensturm - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Jermaine Moore - Ring Security (uncredited)
Kirstie Munoz - Vendor (uncredited)
Anton Narinskiy - Farra's Body Guard (uncredited)
Steven Hugh Nelson - Western Bar Patron (uncredited)
Chris Newman - Starblaze Security Guard (uncredited)
Michael Nicolae - Big Brother (uncredited)
Chris O'Brien - Crash Palace Fight Fan (uncredited)
Wendy Paquette - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Heather Park - Kingpin's Girlfriend (uncredited)
Jessica Petrik - Upscale Fight Fan (uncredited)
Alan D. Purwin - Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)
Ralph A. Recchia - Boxing Fan (uncredited)
Jay Reid - Fight Fan (uncredited)
DaJuan Rippy - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Nicholas Ritz - Fair Goer / Fight Fan Panaramic / Fight Fan Metro / Fight Fan Zoo (uncredited)
Jeff Rosenfeld - Boxing Fan (uncredited)
Marco Ruggeri - Cliff (uncredited)
Maria Lucia Safi - Cat Woman (uncredited)
Miguel Sandoval - Judge (uncredited)
Sebastian Sarkissian - Fair Goer (uncredited)
Steven Scott - Lieutenant - Kingpin (uncredited)
Ron Shedd - Fight Crowd Member (uncredited)
Daryl M. Simpson - Fight Fan / Robot Roadie (uncredited)
Gary Lee Simpson - Upper Class Fight Fan (uncredited)
Brian Anderson Smith - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Joseph Smith - Robot Handler (uncredited)
Nikki Smith - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Dwight Sora - Japanese Reporter #2 (uncredited)
Paul J. Spear - Fair Goer (uncredited)
Alan Stefan - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Tiffany Stone - Tak's Girl (uncredited)
Morris Lee Sullivan - Cowboy at Rodeo / Robot Fight Fan (uncredited)
John E.L. Tenney - Salvage Yard Security Guard (uncredited)
Melody Teodoro-Kurtis - Twin Cities Fight Fan (uncredited)
Michael Trobaugh - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Johnny Truong - Usher (uncredited)
Eric Tuchelske - Fair Goer (uncredited)
Laurie Valko - Cowgirl (uncredited)
Brett VanDunk - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Johnathon VanDusen - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Dan Watson - Fight Fan (uncredited)
Kaitlan Welton - Pretty Girl (uncredited)
Jojuan Westmoreland - Zoo Fight Fan (uncredited)
Ed Williams - Vendor (uncredited)
Amanda Wright - Ricky's Girl (uncredited)
Paul Xiong - Photographer (uncredited)
Writing 5
Leslie Bohem - Screenplay
John Gatins - Screenplay
Richard Matheson - Story
Dan Gilroy - Story
Jeremy Leven - Story
Directing 2
Shawn Levy - Director
Diane Durant - Script Supervisor
Production 23
Shawn Levy - Producer
Susan Montford - Producer
Don Murphy - Producer
Josh McLaglen - Executive Producer
Mary McLaglen - Executive Producer
Jack Rapke - Executive Producer
Steven Spielberg - Executive Producer
Steve Starkey - Executive Producer
Robert Zemeckis - Executive Producer
Richard Hicks - Casting
David Rubin - Casting
Rick Benattar - Co-Producer
Eric Hedayat - Co-Producer
Luca Marco Paracels - Associate Producer
Ron Ames - Associate Producer
Ceri Glowacki - Art Department Production Assistant
Caitlin McKenna-Wilkinson - ADR Voice Casting
Carrie Ray - Casting
Mia Cusumano - Casting Assistant
Olivia Thomas - Casting Assistant
Kate Hubbell - Casting Associate
Tracy Dixon - Extras Casting
David Kramer - Extras Casting
Sound 34
Danny Elfman - Original Music Composer
Terry Wilson - Music Editor
Bill Abbott - Music Editor
Jennifer Hawks - Music Supervisor
Anthony Seyler - Music Supervisor
Steve Cantamessa - Sound Mixer
Craig Henighan - Supervising Sound Editor
Craig Henighan - Sound Designer
Craig Henighan - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Paul Massey - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Warren Hendriks - Sound Designer
Wayne Lemmer - Sound Designer
Ron Bedrosian - ADR Mixer
David Betancourt - ADR Mixer
Russ Fitzpatrick - ADR Mixer
Thomas J. O'Connell - ADR Mixer
Greg Steele - ADR Mixer
Charleen Richards - ADR Mixer
David Lucarelli - ADR Recordist
Michael Rivera - ADR Recordist
Greg Zimmerman - ADR Recordist
Scott La Rue - Boom Operator
Gary Thomas - Boom Operator
Susan Dawes - Dialogue Editor
Helen Luttrell - Dialogue Editor
Skip Longfellow - First Assistant Sound Editor
Dan O'Connell - Foley Artist
John T. Cucci - Foley Artist
Bruce Tanis - Foley Editor
James Ashwill - Foley Mixer
Blake Collins - Foley Mixer
John Guentner - Foley Mixer
Erin Michael Rettig - Sound Engineer
Kerry Dean Williams - Supervising ADR Editor
Editing 6
Dean Zimmerman - Editor
Jim Passon - Color Timer
Joe Aliberto - Colorist
Skip Kimball - Digital Intermediate Colorist
Marisa Clayton - Digital Intermediate Producer
Adriaan van Zyl - First Assistant Editor
Art 48
Tom Meyer - Production Design
Victor J. Zolfo - Set Decoration
Seth Reed - Supervising Art Director
Jennifer Bash - Art Department Assistant
Rishi Moudgil - Art Department Assistant
Rick Radomski - Art Department Assistant
Andrea Carter - Art Department Coordinator
Jourdan Henderson - Art Department Coordinator
Bradley Rubin - Assistant Art Director
Jeremy Thompson - Assistant Property Master
Daren Dochterman - Concept Artist
Tim Flattery - Concept Artist
Victor James Martinez - Concept Artist
Miles Teves - Concept Artist
Andrew H. Leung - Conceptual Illustrator
Leslie A. Tokunaga - Construction Buyer
Bobby Mara - Construction Coordinator
John Villarino - Construction Coordinator
Douglas Womack - Construction Coordinator
Joseph F. Beeco - Construction Foreman
Satcha Congdon - Construction Foreman
Megan Greydanus - Graphic Designer
Mike Mahern - Graphic Designer
John Millard - Leadman
Peter Sikkelee - Painter
Tom Sparkman - Painter
Tim Stadler - Painter
Wilson Wilkes - Painter
Steven B. Melton - Property Master
Joe Dunckley - Props
Jim Warren - Set Decoration Buyer
Tim Croshaw - Set Designer
Tex Kadonaga - Set Designer
David Moreau - Set Designer
Anne Porter - Set Designer
Theodore Sharps - Set Designer
Mike Stassi - Set Designer
Robert Woodruff - Set Designer
Jamie Bishop - Set Dresser
Derek Dubyak - Set Dresser
Justin N. Lang - Set Dresser
Bobby Rhodes - Set Dresser
Scott Schutzki - Set Dresser
Mark Sejnowski - Set Dresser
Carl F. Shuffett - Set Dresser
Trevor Goring - Storyboard Artist
Michael Anthony Jackson - Storyboard Artist
Joel Venti - Storyboard Artist
Costume & Make-Up 17
Marlene Stewart - Costume Design
Ann Masterson - Makeup Department Head
Nina Paskowitz - Hair Department Head
Meshelle Melone - Assistant Hairstylist
Toni Price - Assistant Makeup Artist
Stephanie Arble - Hairstylist
Elizabeth Cortez - Hairstylist
Lauren Kress - Hairstylist
Jack McQuisten - Hairstylist
Jeannette Moriarty - Hairstylist
Clifton Chippewa - Hairstylist
Natalie Driscoll - Key Hair Stylist
Erin Wooldridge - Key Makeup Artist
Eleyna M. Brandt - Makeup Artist
Kimberly Jones - Makeup Artist
Jayne Laube - Makeup Artist
Pamela S. Westmore - Makeup Artist
Camera 25
Mauro Fiore - Director of Photography
Melissa Moseley - Still Photographer
David B. Nowell - Aerial Director of Photography
John P. Shine - Best Boy Grip
Christos Moisides - Camera Operator
Maurice K. McGuire - Camera Operator
David Emmerichs - Steadicam Operator
Matt Fore - Camera Operator
Troy N. Wade - Dolly Grip
Diego Mariscal - Dolly Grip
Larry Nielsen - First Assistant "A" Camera
Bill Coe - First Assistant "B" Camera
Marvin J. Bowie - Grip
Ryan Carnahan - Grip
Erik F. Hill - Grip
Sean T. Kelly - Grip
Ryan Nelson - Grip
Amy Snell - Grip
Neal Wilde - Grip
Donald Jones - Grip
John Janusek - Key Grip
Jamie Lagerhausen - Key Grip
Dennis Hoerter - Key Grip
Bobby McMahan - Second Assistant Camera
Naomi Villanueva-Brunner - Second Assistant "A" Camera
Visual Effects 63
Erik Baker - Animation
Erik Nash - Visual Effects Supervisor
Danny Gordon Taylor - Animation Supervisor
Erik Gamache - Animation Supervisor
Michael Maloney - Compositing Supervisor
Michael Melchiorre - Compositing Supervisor
Randy Brown - Digital Compositor
Wally Chin - Digital Compositor
Matthew Collorafice - Digital Compositor
Steven Fagerquist - Digital Compositor
Yuka Hosomi - Digital Compositor
Nicholas Kim - Digital Compositor
Michael Miller - Digital Compositor
Young Joon Mok - Digital Compositor
Carlos Morales - Digital Compositor
Bruce Nicholson - Digital Compositor
Kym Olsen - Digital Compositor
Clancy Silver - Digital Compositor
Ryan T. Smolarek - Digital Compositor
Kellany Stewart - Digital Compositor
Emi Baba - Digital Compositor
Wesley Cronk - Digital Compositor
Marie Victoria Denoga - Digital Compositor
Kirstin Hall - Digital Compositor
Will Johnson - Digital Compositor
Patrick Keenan - Digital Compositor
Wing Kwok - Digital Compositor
Kevin Lingenfelser - Digital Compositor
Francis Puthanangadi - Digital Compositor
Aaron Singer - Digital Compositor
Brian Smallwood - Digital Compositor
Hirofumi Takeda - Digital Compositor
Gillian George - Matte Painter
Daniel Thron - Matte Painter
Casey Schatz - Pre-Visualization Supervisor
William R. Wright - Senior Animator
Daniel Buck - Visual Effects
Phaneendra Gullapalli - Visual Effects
John Niehuss - Visual Effects
Sally Slade - Visual Effects
Angella Szynkowski - Visual Effects
Jody Wilson - Visual Effects
Krystina Shales Wilson - Visual Effects
Brandon F. Ottenbacher - Visual Effects
Justin Shaw - Visual Effects Assistant Editor
Patrick Ballin - Visual Effects Assistant Editor
Charlyn Go - Visual Effects Coordinator
Lily Shapiro - Visual Effects Coordinator
Molly Pabian - Visual Effects Coordinator
Luke Hippely - Visual Effects Coordinator
Ron Ames - Visual Effects Producer
David Sanger - Visual Effects Producer
Sean Cushing - Visual Effects Producer
Daniel Brimer - Visual Effects Producer
Kyle Collins - Visual Effects Production Assistant
Brett Hartley - Visual Effects Production Assistant
Hayley Perkins - Visual Effects Production Assistant
Teddy Phuthanhdanh - Visual Effects Production Assistant
Monet Sheree Funke - Visual Effects Production Assistant
Katryna Shattuck - Visual Effects Production Assistant
Olaf Wendt - Visual Effects Supervisor
Matthew Gratzner - Visual Effects Supervisor
Ray Haleblian - Visual Effects Technical Director
Crew 33
Damion Poitier - Utility Stunts
Zachary Woodlee - Choreographer
John Rosengrant - Animatronics Supervisor
Swen Gillberg - Digital Effects Supervisor
Anthony Darin - Carpenter
David Brayman - Propmaker
Chris Frankovich - Propmaker
Robert M. Gualdoni - Propmaker
David Stasiak - Propmaker
Jaime Dawkins - Techno Crane Operator
Paul George Palop - CG Supervisor
Krista Benson - Compositor
Matthew Bramante - Compositor
Gresham Lochner - Compositor
Leon Nowlin - Compositor
John Brennick - Compositor
Bob Roesler - Compositor
Ned Wilson - Compositor
Jeffrey Jasper - Digital Effects Supervisor
Steve Miller - Visual Effects Editor
K.C. Bartos - Special Effects Assistant
Steve Buttermore - Special Effects Assistant
Argie M. Floyd - Special Effects Assistant
David Revel - Special Effects Assistant
David Nicholson - Special Effects Assistant
Joe Digaetano - Special Effects Coordinator
Edward T. Reiff Jr. - Special Effects Technician
Garth Steinheimer - Special Effects Technician
Kevin McTurk - Special Effects Technician
Steven Munson - Special Effects Technician
Tony Ferdinand - Post Production Assistant
Chris Goodson - Post Production Assistant
Samuel Lemberg - Post Production Assistant
Lighting 11
Chris McLeod - Additional Lighting Technician
Jarek Gorczycki - Best Boy Electric
Salim Bensrhir - Electrician
Nicholas Kaat - Electrician
Derek Reynolds - Electrician
Chris Culliton - Gaffer
Kenny Kondratko - Lighting Technician
Matt Kubas - Lighting Technician
Dan Mikulski - Lighting Technician
Tiffany Burns - Rigging Grip
John Beran - Rigging Grip
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