Ferdinand (2017)

Release Date: 2017-12-09

Runtime: 1 hour and 47 minutes

Genre(s): Animation, Family, Adventure, Comedy

Language(s): English


Ferdinand, a little bull, prefers sitting quietly under a cork tree just smelling the flowers versus jumping around, snorting, and butting heads with other bulls. As Ferdinand grows big and strong, his temperament remains mellow, but one day five men come to choose the "biggest, fastest, roughest bull" for the bullfights in Madrid and Ferdinand is mistakenly chosen. Based on the classic 1936 children's book by Munro Leaf.

Cast 50
John Cena - Ferdinand (voice)
Kate McKinnon - Lupe (voice)
Anthony Anderson - Bones (voice)
Bobby Cannavale - Valiente / Valiente's Father (voice)
David Tennant - Angus (voice)
Peyton Manning - Guapo (voice)
Gina Rodriguez - Una (voice)
Daveed Diggs - Dos (voice)
Gabriel Iglesias - Cuatro (voice)
Miguel Ángel Silvestre - El Primero (voice)
Raúl Esparza - Moreno (voice)
Jerrod Carmichael - Paco (voice)
Lily Day - Nina (voice)
Juanes - Juan (voice)
Flula Borg - Hans (voice)
Boris Kodjoe - Klaus (voice)
Sally Phillips - Greta (voice)
Jeremy Sisto - Ferdinand's Father (voice)
Colin H. Murphy - Young Ferdinand (voice)
Julia Scarpa Saldanha - Young Nina (voice)
Jack Gore - Young Valiente (voice)
Nile Diaz - Young Bones (voice)
Jet Jurgensmeyer - Young Guapo (voice)
Karla Martínez - Isabella (voice)
Richard Gould - Additional Voices (voice)
Carlos Saldanha - Screaming Matador / Additional Voices (voice)
Luis Carlos de la Lombana - Ranch Hand #1 (voice)
Rafael Scarpa Saldanha - Ice Cream Boy (voice)
Jordi Caballero - Balloon Vendor / Additional Voices (voice)
Maria Peyramaure - Tall Nun / Additional Voices (voice)
Nazanin Homa - Short Nun / Police Officer #2 / Additional Voices (voice)
Andreas A. Esparza - Police Officer #1 / Additional Voices (voice)
James Palumbo - Village Tourist / Additional Voices (voice)
Bernardo de Paula - Animal Control Officer / Additional Voices (voice)
Belita Moreno - Shopkeeper (voice)
Tim Nordquist - Maquina / Additional Voices (voice)
Alvaro Mendoza - Ranch Hand #3 (voice)
Carlos Reig-Plaza - Ranch Hand #2 / Additional Voices (voice)
Cindy Slattery - Bunny / Additional Voices (voice)
Jason Fricchione - Madrid Tourist / Additional Voices (voice)
Susana Ballesteros - Newscaster / Additional Voices (voice)
Ana Patricia Gámez - El Primero Fan (voice)
Laura Bayonas - Additional Voices (voice)
Susana G. Esteban - Additional Voices (voice)
Johnny Gidcomb - Additional Voices (voice)
Adrian Gonzalez - Additional Voices (voice)
Andrea Lareo - Additional Voices (voice)
Andre Robinson - Additional Voices (voice)
Carter Sand - Additional Voices (voice)
Julian Zane - Additional Voices (voice)
Production 19
John Davis - Producer
Chris Wedge - Executive Producer
Lori Forte - Producer
Christian Kaplan - Casting
Rachel Stevens - Production Coordinator
Bruce Anderson - Producer
Jason Fricchione - Production Supervisor
Paul Ohrt - Executive In Charge Of Production
Diana Rivera Vera - Production Coordinator
Johnny Gidcomb - ADR Voice Casting
Diane Howard - Publicist
Sean M. Murphy - Production Manager
Gina Grasso - Assistant Production Manager
Glen Young - Production Coordinator
Joel Gotler - Associate Producer
Lisa Marie Stetler - Producer
Effie Fradelakis - Production Coordinator
Luana Hakes - Production Coordinator
Victoria Clougher - Production Coordinator
Directing 1
Carlos Saldanha - Director
Writing 9
Robert L. Baird - Screenplay
Don Rhymer - Screenstory
Brad Copeland - Screenplay
Ron Burch - Screenstory
David Kidd - Screenstory
Robert Lawson - Book
Munro Leaf - Book
Ian Southwood - Writer
Tim Federle - Screenplay
Visual Effects 57
Peter DeSève - Visual Development
Mark Adams - Visual Effects
Lisa Allen - Animation
Francesco Giroldini - VFX Artist
Mike Safianoff - Animation
Ricky Renna - Animation
Alexander Snow - Animation
Anthony Fung - VFX Artist
Scott C. Lemmer - Animation
Josh Slice - Animation
Elena Ortego - Animation
Julen Santiago - Animation
Adam Strick - Animation
Kirk Garfield - VFX Supervisor
Ferris Webby - Creature Technical Director
Paul Downs - Animation
Motoko Wada - Modeling
Richard A. Fournier - Animation
Justin Weg - Animation
Roy Stein - Animation
Patrick Giusiano - Animation
Patrik Puhala - Lead Animator
Pako Bagur - Animation
Scott Farrell - Animation
Tom Grevera - Animation
Matthew Hasselmann - Animation
Ken Kaiser - Animation
Graham Silva - Lead Animator
David V. Mei - Character Modelling Supervisor
Dinis 'Dennis' Morais - Modeling
Aimee Johnson - Visual Effects
Peter Chan - Visual Development
Christopher Silva - Animation
Dan Segarra - Animation
Drew Winey - Lead Animator
Emanuele Pavarotti - Animation
Ken Huling - Animation
Louaye Moulayess - Animation
Michael Berardini - Animation
Stephen Dahler - Animation
Theresa Adolph - Animation
Todd Elliott - Animation
Trevor Young - Animation
José Manuel Fernández Oli - Character Designer
Jonathan Lin - Modeling
Edward Fornoles - Animation
Brock Boyts - Animation
Cristin McKee - Animation
Dave Vasquez - Animation
Eric David Anderson - Animation
Vincent Di Nguyen - Color Designer
Andy Cox - Animation
Brent Dienst - Animation
Mikee Sevilla - Animation
Ozgur Aydogdu - Creature Technical Director
Danny Speck - Visual Effects
Yaron Canetti - Visual Effects
Sound 41
E.J. Holowicki - Sound Effects Editor
John Powell - Original Music Composer
Randy Thom - Sound Designer
Randy Thom - Supervising Sound Editor
Randy Thom - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Julianne Jordan - Music Supervisor
Shelley Roden - Foley
Shawn Murphy - Scoring Mixer
Rick Giovinazzo - Orchestrator
Gary Rizzo - Additional Sound Re-Recording Mixer
George Doering - Musician
John Roesch - Foley
Lora Hirschberg - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Gwendolyn Yates Whittle - Supervising Sound Editor
Jeremy Bowker - Sound Designer
Thomas A. Carlson - Music Editor
Pascal Garneau - Sound Effects Editor
Leff Lefferts - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Leff Lefferts - First Assistant Sound Editor
Chris Manning - Foley Editor
Jon Kull - Orchestrator
Will Ralston - ADR Editor
Christopher Barnett - Foley Editor
Pete Anthony - Orchestrator
Andrew Kinney - Orchestrator
Jamie Branquinho - First Assistant Sound Editor
Jamie Branquinho - ADR Editor
Fletcher Sheridan - Playback Singer
Dmitri Makarov - Supervising Dialogue Editor
Randy Crenshaw - Playback Singer
Andrew Synowiec - Musician
Nick Ariondo - Musician
Serena McKinney - Musician
Baraka May - Playback Singer
John Ashton Thomas - Orchestrator
Edie Lehmann Boddicker - Playback Singer
Brandon Gilliard - Musician
Batu Sener - Music Score Producer
Devon Kelley - Assistant Sound Editor
Qianbaihui Yang - Foley Editor
Alec Moore - Sound Recordist
Editing 5
Tim Nordquist - Additional Editing
Harry Hitner - Editor
Sophia Ohara - Assistant Editor
William Michals - Assistant Editor
Daniel Ible - Assistant Editor
Camera 1
Renato Falcão - Director of Photography
Crew 11
Paul Mounsey - Additional Music
James Bresnahan - Supervising Animator
Carrie Perry - Schedule Coordinator
Anthony B. Willis - Additional Music
Scott Carroll - Supervising Animator
Joe Bonomo - Systems Administrators & Support
Chip Lotierzo - Supervising Animator
Tansal Arnas - Schedule Coordinator
Christopher Moore - Technical Supervisor
Batu Sener - Additional Music
Catherine Olazabal - Craft Service
Art 1
Thomas Cardone - Art Direction

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