Despicable Me (2010)

Release Date: 2010-07-07

Runtime: 1 hour and 35 minutes

Genre(s): Animation, Family, Comedy

Language(s): English


Villainous Gru lives up to his reputation as a despicable, deplorable and downright unlikable guy when he hatches a plan to steal the moon from the sky. But he has a tough time staying on task after three orphans land in his care.

Cast 33
Steve Carell - Gru (voice)
Jason Segel - Vector (voice)
Russell Brand - Dr. Nefario (voice)
Julie Andrews - Gru's Mother (voice)
Will Arnett - Mr. Perkins (voice)
Kristen Wiig - Miss Hattie (voice)
Miranda Cosgrove - Margo (voice)
Dana Gaier - Edith (voice)
Elsie Fisher - Agnes (voice)
Pierre Coffin - Tim the Minion / Bob the Minion / Mark the Minion / Phil the Minion / Stuart the Minion (voice)
Chris Renaud - Dave the Minion (voice)
Jemaine Clement - Jerry the Minion (voice)
Jack McBrayer - Carnival Barker / Tourist Dad (voice)
Danny McBride - Fred McDade (voice)
Mindy Kaling - Tourist mom (voice)
Rob Huebel - Anchorman (voice)
Ken Jeong - Talk Show Host (voice)
Ken Daurio - Egyptian Guard (voice)
Scott Menville - Additional Voices (voice)
Holly Dorff - Additional Voices (voice)
Al Rodrigo - Additional Voices (voice)
Wendy Hoffman - Additional Voices (voice)
John Hans Tester - Additional Voices (voice)
James Kyson - Additional Voices (voice)
Charles Bright - Additional Voices (voice)
Katie Leigh - Additional Voices (voice)
Ranjani Brow - Additional Voices (voice)
Edie Mirman - Additional Voices (voice)
Jackie Gonneau - Additional Voices (voice)
Jakob Roston - Additional Voices (voice)
Tony Lee - Additional Voices (voice)
Debi Mae West - Additional Voices (voice)
Mikaila Baumel - (voice) (uncredited)
Directing 4
Pierre Coffin - Director
Chris Renaud - Director
Dave Rosenbaum - Script Supervisor
Mary Bills - Script Supervisor
Writing 5
Ken Daurio - Screenplay
Sergio Pablos - Story
Cinco Paul - Screenplay
Stephan Franck - Storyboard
Callan Brunker - Storyboard
Editing 14
Gregory Perler - Editor
Pam Ziegenhagen - Editor
Claire Dodgson - Additional Editing
Steven Liu - Additional Editing
Gilad Carmel - Assistant Editor
Karen Hathaway - Assistant Editor
Michael Rostker - Assistant Editor
Patrick Voetberg - Associate Editor
Terry Claborn - Color Timer
Jason Hanel - Digital Intermediate
Tyler Werrin - Editorial Production Assistant
Josh Morgan - Editorial Coordinator
Alex Dowding - Editorial Manager
Ed Fuller - First Assistant Editor
Production 21
Sergio Pablos - Executive Producer
Christopher Meledandri - Producer
Janet Healy - Producer
John Cohen - Producer
Nina Rappaport - Executive Producer
Mary Hidalgo - Casting
Robert Taylor - Associate Producer
Holly Dorff - ADR Voice Casting
Solenn Colas - Assistant Production Manager
Karine Friang - Assistant Production Manager
Joy Poirel - Assistant Production Manager
Mary Hidalgo - Casting Consultant
Julien Sabourdin - Production Accountant
Frédéric Greene - Production Accountant
Segolene Amice - Production Coordinator
Dave Rosenbaum - Executive In Charge Of Production
Christelle Balcon - Production Manager
Christina DeSilva - Production Manager
Jean-Luc Florinda - Production Manager
Wassila Lmouaci - Production Manager
Jill Ragaway - Production Manager
Sound 35
Heitor Pereira - Original Music Composer
Pharrell Williams - Original Music Composer
Kevin Kaska - Orchestrator
Franklin Jones III - ADR Editor
Daniel Laurie - ADR Supervisor
Chris Westlake - Original Music Composer
Tim Davies - Conductor
Joey Newman - Conductor
Sean England - Foley
E. Larry Oatfield - Foley Editor
Gavin Greenaway - Music Director
Slamm Andrews - Music Editor
Kathy Nelson - Music Supervisor
Scott Hosfeld - Musician
Satnam Ramgotra - Musician
Bruce Fowler - Orchestrator
Walt Fowler - Orchestrator
Rick Giovinazzo - Orchestrator
Carl Rydlund - Orchestrator
Peter Buccellato - ADR & Dubbing
Roy Latham - ADR & Dubbing
Carlos Sotolongo - ADR & Dubbing
Tom Johnson - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Christopher Scarabosio - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Christopher Scarabosio - Sound Designer
Christopher Scarabosio - Supervising Sound Editor
Hans Zimmer - Music Score Producer
Oren Hadar - Scoring Mixer
Steve Bissinger - Sound Effects Editor
David C. Hughes - Sound Effects Editor
Jeremy Bowker - Sound Effects Editor
Michael Jesmer - Sound Recordist
Sandy Buchanan - Sound Recordist
Vicki Hiatt - Supervising Music Editor
Dennis Leonard - Supervising Sound Editor
Art 6
Yarrow Cheney - Production Design
Eric Guillon - Art Direction
Katie Ballentine - Art Department Coordinator
Paul Mager - Set Designer
Vincent Massy - Set Designer
Loïc Rastout - Set Designer
Crew 16
Jeannine Berger - Post Production Supervisor
Leff Lefferts - Sound Design Assistant
Bruno Chauffard - CG Supervisor
Tony Gonzalez - Choreographer
Bart Boirot - Supervising Animator
Miguel Ángel Poveda - Post Production Supervisor
Fabian Marascuillo - Score Engineer
Eric Placoly - Software Engineer
Christophe Asselin - Thanks
Rodolphe Chabrier - Thanks
Christine Lagarde - Thanks
Pierre Avon - Supervising Animator
Nicolas Bauduin - Supervising Animator
Pierre Leduc - Supervising Animator
Elisabeth Patte - Supervising Animator
Julien Soret - Supervising Animator
Visual Effects 72
Mitja Rabar - Animation
Yannick Honore - Animation
Fabrice Joubert - Animation
Lionel Gallat - Animation Director
Anais Perlot - Animation Manager
Laurent de la Chapelle - Animation Supervisor
Daniel Callaby - Animation
Lang-Willar Chloe - Animation
Céline Chotard - Animation
Mathilde Fabry - Animation
Audrey Fobis - Animation
Vincent Garcia - Animation
Guillaume Herent - Animation
Silke Jager - Animation
Francois Laurent - Animation
Renaud Mégange - Animation
Elena Ortego - Animation
Julen Santiago - Animation
Loïc Miermont - Animation
Mathieu Gérard - Animation
Moïse Essame - Animation
Jean-François Macé - Visual Effects Technical Director
Jean-François Barthélémy - Animation
Clementine Tronel - Animation
Karin Kempf - Animation
Carter Goodrich - Character Designer
Eric Guillon - Character Designer
Sergio Casas - Color Designer
Olivier Delabarre - Color Designer
Clément Griselain - Color Designer
Carlos Felipe León Ortiz - Color Designer
Jerome Auliac - Digital Compositors
Florian Bestel - Digital Compositors
Matthieu Chatelier - Digital Compositors
Jean-Nicolas Costa - Digital Compositors
Rudyard Cretenet - Digital Compositors
Clement Darbois - Digital Compositors
Antoine Douadi - Digital Compositors
Christophe Duflaut - Digital Compositors
Lucien Fostier - Digital Compositors
Delphine Garrelis - Digital Compositors
Philippe Huberdeau - Digital Compositors
Jola Kudela - Digital Compositors
Khaled Labidi - Digital Compositors
François Le Bastard - Digital Compositors
Thomas Lefebvre - Digital Compositors
Jeanne Loyer - Digital Compositors
Olivier Lukaszczyk - Digital Compositors
Gaston Marcotti - Digital Compositors
Maya Pelle - Digital Compositors
Alexis Peraste - Digital Compositors
Simon Rafin - Digital Compositors
Dane Rapaport - Digital Compositors
Marine Samyn - Digital Compositors
Niranjan Siva - Digital Compositors
Jeremy Séguin - Digital Compositors
Gerome Viavant - Digital Compositors
Anthony Voisin - Digital Compositors
Stephan Guerin - Digital Compositors
Stephanie Saillard - Digital Compositors
Michael Crouzat - Key Animation
Patrick Delage - Lead Animator
Jean Hemez - Lead Animator
Stephane Mangin - Lead Animator
Robin Joseph - Visual Development
Charles Chorein - Visual Effects
Vincent Houze - Visual Effects
Elodie Labbe - VFX Artist
Mathieu Malard - VFX Artist
Emmanuelle Carlier - Visual Effects Producer
Marie-Claire Bazart - VFX Supervisor
Bart Boirot - Lead Animator
Lighting 17
Justine Codron - Lighting Artist
Alexandre Bermond - Lighting Artist
Saïdou Bernabé - Lighting Artist
Vincent Blanqué - Lighting Artist
Cédric Burkarth - Lighting Artist
Blandine Chanteur - Lighting Artist
Pierre Gobilliard - Lighting Artist
Pierre Lopes - Lighting Artist
Olivier Martiny - Lighting Artist
Le Meur Mathieu - Lighting Artist
Matthieu Molina - Lighting Artist
Gourdal Sebastien - Lighting Artist
Hugues Ssosse - Lighting Artist
Ephraïm Drouet - Lighting Artist
Benoit Fournol - Lighting Artist
Vivian David - Lighting Artist
Guillaume Boudeville - Rigging Supervisor
Camera 1
Nicole Rivelli - Still Photographer
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