Avatar (2009)

Release Date: 2009-12-09

Runtime: 2 hours and 42 minutes

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Language(s): English, Spanish


In the 22nd century, a paraplegic Marine is dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission, but becomes torn between following orders and protecting an alien civilization.

Cast 83
Sam Worthington - Jake Sully
Zoe Saldana - Princess Neytiri
Stephen Lang - Col. Quaritch
Sigourney Weaver - Dr. Grace Augustine
Joel David Moore - Norm Spellman
Giovanni Ribisi - Selfridge
Michelle Rodriguez - Trudy Chacon
Dileep Rao - Dr. Max Patel
Laz Alonso - Tsu'Tey
Wes Studi - Eytukan
CCH Pounder - Moat
Matt Gerald - Lyle Wainfleet
Sean Anthony Moran - Private Fike
Jason Whyte - Cryo Vault Med Tech
Scott Lawrence - Venture Star Crew Chief
Kelly Kilgour - Lock Up Trooper
James Patrick Pitt - Shuttle Pilot
Sean Patrick Murphy - Shuttle Co-Pilot
Peter Dillon - Shuttle Crew Chief
Kevin Dorman - Tractor Operator / Troupe
Kelson Henderson - Dragon Gunship Pilot
David Van Horn - Dragon Gunship Gunner
Jacob Tomuri - Dragon Gunship Navigator
Michael Blain-Rozgay - Suit #1
Jon Curry - Suit #2
Luke Hawker - Ambient Room Tech
Woody Schultz - Ambient Room Tech / Troupe
Julene Renee - Ambient Room Tech / Troupe
Peter Mensah - Horse Clan Leader
Sonia Yee - Link Room Tech
Jahnel Curfman - Basketball Avatar / Troupe
Ilram Choi - Basketball Avatar
Kyla Warren - Na'vi Child
Lisa Roumain - Troupe
Debra Wilson - Troupe
Chris Mala - Troupe
Taylor Kibby - Troupe
Jodie Landau - Troupe
Julie Lamm - Troupe
Cullen B. Madden - Troupe
Joseph Brady Madden - Troupe
Frankie Torres - Troupe
Austin Wilson - Troupe
Sara Wilson - Troupe
Tamica Washington-Miller - Troupe
Lucy Briant - Op Center Staff
Nathan Meister - Op Center Staff
Gerry Blair - Op Center Staff
Matthew Chamberlain - Op Center Staff
Paul Yates - Op Center Staff
Wray Wilson - Op Center Duty Officer
James Gaylyn - Op Center Staff
Melvin Leno Clark III - Dancer
Carvon Futrell - Dancer
Brandon Jelkes - Dancer
Micah Moch - Dancer
Hanniyah Muhammad - Dancer
Christopher Nolen - Dancer
Christa Oliver - Dancer
April Marie Thomas - Dancer
Bravita A. Threatt - Dancer
Colin Bleasdale - Mining Chief (uncredited)
Mike Bodnar - Veteran Miner (uncredited)
Matt Clayton - Richard (uncredited)
Nicole Dionne - Nav'i (uncredited)
Jamie Harrison - Trooper (uncredited)
Allan Henry - Trooper (uncredited)
Anthony Ingruber - Ground Technician (uncredited)
Ashley Jeffery - Flight Crew Mechanic (uncredited)
Dean Knowsley - Samson Pilot
Joseph Mika-Hunt - Trooper (uncredited)
Terry Notary - Banshee (uncredited)
Kai Pantano - Soldier (uncredited)
Logan Pithyou - Blast Technician (uncredited)
Stuart Pollock - Vindum Raah (uncredited)
Raja - Hero (uncredited)
Gareth Ruck - Ops Centreworker (uncredited)
Rhian Sheehan - Engineer (uncredited)
T. J. Storm - Col. Quaritch's Mech Suit (uncredited)
Jodie Taylor - Female Marine (uncredited)
Alicia Vela-Bailey - Ikran Clan Leader (uncredited)
Richard Whiteside - Geologist (uncredited)
Nikie Zambo - Na'vi (uncredited)
Directing 25
James Cameron - Director
Luca Kouimelis - Script Supervisor
Ana Maria Quintana - Script Supervisor
Sarah Hinch - Script Supervisor
Josh McLaglen - First Assistant Director
Richard Matthews - Second Assistant Director
Maria Battle Campbell - Second Assistant Director
Darren Mackie - Second Second Assistant Director
Michael Musteric - Additional Second Assistant Director
Stephanie Weststrate - Second Assistant Director
Del Chatterton - Third Assistant Director
Bryon Darling - Third Assistant Director
Jacqui Pryor - Third Assistant Director
Judith Wayers - Third Assistant Director
Marc Ashton - Assistant Director
Brad Blackbourn - Layout
Daniel Buhigas - Layout
James Harmer - Layout
Jorge Pimentel - Layout
Keir Longden - Layout
Melvin Polayah - Layout
Rob Zohrab - Layout
Simon Carlile - Layout
Stephen Painter - Layout
Steve Hardy - Layout
Writing 1
James Cameron - Writer
Crew 285
Ilram Choi - Stunts
Woody Schultz - Stunts
Terry Notary - Motion Capture Artist
Carla Meyer - Dialect Coach
Lula Washington - Choreographer
Janace Tashjian - Post Production Supervisor
Iain Hutton - Special Effects Coordinator
Steve Ingram - Special Effects Coordinator
Christopher Marino - Visual Effects Editor
Jim Milton - Visual Effects Editor
Steve R. Moore - Visual Effects Editor
Thomas Nittmann - Visual Effects Editor
Lucas Putnam - Visual Effects Editor
Stuart Thorp - Stunt Coordinator
Garrett Warren - Stunt Coordinator
Denny Caira - Transportation Coordinator
James Waitkus - Transportation Coordinator
Eric Oliver - Visual Effects Art Director
Brad Alexander - CG Supervisor
Shadi Almassizadeh - CG Supervisor
Simon Clutterbuck - CG Supervisor
Graeme Demmocks - CG Supervisor
Adrian Fernandes - CG Supervisor
Mitch Gates - CG Supervisor
Jerry Kung - CG Supervisor
Andy Lomas - CG Supervisor
Sebastian Marino - CG Supervisor
Matthias Menz - CG Supervisor
Andrew Morley - CG Supervisor
Michael Mulholland - CG Supervisor
Sergei Nevshupov - CG Supervisor
Mike Perry - CG Supervisor
Thrain Shadbolt - CG Supervisor
Michael Takarangi - CG Supervisor
David Weitzberg - CG Supervisor
Ben White - CG Supervisor
Min Windle - Stunts
Dawn Higginbotham - Post-Production Manager
Timothy Oakley - Prop Maker
Paul Hambleton - Prop Maker
Andrew Gillespie - Prop Maker
Erin Palmer - Prop Maker
Jack Cornelius - Prop Maker
Darren A. Mosher - Prop Maker
Gareth J. Jensen - Prop Maker
Denis St. Amand - Score Engineer
Daniel Mei-Tal - Post Production Assistant
Alice Paton - Machinist
Sheree Roud - Machinist
Lorraine Willis - Machinist
Melissa Mundt - Machinist
Lachlan Mayclair - Machinist
Amy Jansen-Leen - Machinist
Hansel Verkerk - Generator Operator
Jason Naran - Video Assist Operator
Daniel Hernández Alea - Video Assist Operator
Rohan Satyanand - Video Assist Operator
Allan Poppleton - Stunt Coordinator
Alicia Vela-Bailey - Stunts
Colin Follenweider - Stunts
David Schultz - Stunts
Frank Torres - Stunts
Hank Amos - Stunts
J.J. Dashnaw - Stunts
Jahnel Curfman - Stunts
Jason Rodriguez - Stunts
Mark Ginther - Stunts
Nito Larioza - Stunts
Rayner Jahnke - Stunts
Reuben Langdon - Stunts
Richard Epper - Stunts
Rodney Cook - Stunts
Ryan Brown - Stunts
Ryan Carey - Stunts
Shane Dawson - Stunts
Simone Bargetze - Stunts
Stella Angelova - Stunts
Steve Upton - Stunts
Tony Marsh - Stunts
Justin B. Carter - Stunts
Siosa Fonua - Stunts
Vincent Roxburgh - Stunts
Chris Alviani - Driver
Victor Ybiernas - Driver
Cody Flemming - Driver
Vaughn Bladen - Driver
Bruce Bartley - Driver
Kosta Vatselias - Driver
Tim Harris - Driver
Glenn Shaw - Transportation Captain
Dan Neufeldt - Technical Supervisor
Joshua Owens - Systems Administrators & Support
Carly Neemia - Stand In
Jaime Harrison - Stand In
Laurel Devenie - Stand In
Luke Hawker - Stand In
Francis Biggs - Stand In
Nicole Pitesa - Actor's Assistant
Alexis Alexander - Actor's Assistant
Chris Boswell - Catering
Nick Mestrundrea - Craft Service
Stacey Jelin - Craft Service
Nour Dardari - Production Controller
Cale Hetariki - Production Office Assistant
Georgia Mahaffie - Production Office Assistant
Amy Ingram - Special Effects Technician
Dean Bushby - Special Effects Technician
Douglas Falconer - Special Effects Technician
Karl Chisholm - Special Effects Technician
Paul Davenport - Special Effects Technician
Pete Zivkovic - Special Effects Technician
Phil McLaren - Special Effects Technician
Sarah-Bailey Harper - Special Effects Technician
Scott Harens - Special Effects Technician
Sven Harens - Special Effects Technician
Jonathan Roy Grindlay - Special Effects Technician
Rodney Ford - Special Effects Technician
Albert Hastings - CG Supervisor
Allen Hemberger - CG Supervisor
Eric Fernandes - CG Supervisor
Joseph Kasparian - CG Supervisor
Kevin Andrew Smith - CG Supervisor
Lafleche Dumais - CG Supervisor
Mark Tait Lewis - CG Supervisor
Nicolas-Alexandre Noel - CG Supervisor
Pat Conran - CG Supervisor
Philippe Theroux - CG Supervisor
Roger Shortt - CG Supervisor
Adrian Ferrnandes - CG Supervisor
Keith Miller - CG Supervisor
Aaron Singer - Compositor
Adam Azmy - Compositor
Adam Ghering - Compositor
Alberto Montañés - Compositor
Aled Prosser - Compositor
Angelo Perrotta - Compositor
Aurore de Blois - Compositor
Ben Turner - Compositor
Bobby Silman - Compositor
Brian Fisher - Compositor
Christopher Ivins - Compositor
Dan Blank - Compositor
Ean Carr - Compositor
Ed Hawkins - Compositor
Erich Eder - Compositor
Foad Shah - Compositor
Gareth Dinneen - Compositor
Gemma Cooper - Compositor
Geoff Hadfield - Compositor
Giuseppe Tagliavini - Compositor
Holly Acton - Compositor
Howard Protheroe - Compositor
James D. Fleming - Compositor
Jarnail Bhachu - Compositor
Jerry Whitaker - Compositor
Jesse Parkhill - Compositor
Jiwoon Kim - Compositor
Julian Bryant - Compositor
Michael Lanzensberger - Compositor
Michael Ralla - Compositor
Nicha Kumkeaw - Compositor
Niki Bern - Compositor
Patrick Murphy - Compositor
Peter Demarest - Compositor
Rajat Roy - Compositor
Rebecca Manning - Compositor
Rony Soussan - Compositor
Rudi Holzapfel - Compositor
Salima Needham - Compositor
Sarah Blank - Compositor
Scott Chambers - Compositor
Sergio Ayrosa - Compositor
Sonia Calvert - Compositor
Steve Parsons - Compositor
Tatjana Bozinovski - Compositor
Tim Christensen - Compositor
Tim Young - Compositor
Todd Carson - Compositor
Tom Pegg - Compositor
Venti Hristova - Compositor
Brett Stapleton-French - Compositor
Giuliano Dionisio Vigano - Compositor
Juan Salazar - Compositor
Kory Juul - Compositor
Lori C. Miller - Compositor
Mark van den Bergen - Compositor
Richard McBride - Compositor
Ricky Leach - Compositor
Ryan T. Smolarek - Compositor
Travis Wade Ivy - Compositor
David Carriker - Digital Effects Supervisor
Nolan Murtha - Digital Effects Supervisor
Gretchen Libby - Executive Visual Effects Producer
Sean Cushing - Executive Visual Effects Producer
Tim Keene - Executive Visual Effects Producer
Alex Falkner - Prop Maker
Alex Keegan - Prop Maker
Andrew Moyes - Prop Maker
Ben Hawker - Prop Maker
Bill Hunt - Prop Maker
Billie-Jo Thomson - Prop Maker
Bryce Curtis - Prop Maker
Carlos Slater - Prop Maker
Charlotte Bowie - Prop Maker
Chris Covich - Prop Maker
Claire Middleton - Prop Maker
Colin Jackman - Prop Maker
Dallas Poll - Prop Maker
Daniel Bennett - Prop Maker
Daniel Cockersell - Prop Maker
Daniel Kelly - Prop Maker
Daniel Wickham - Prop Maker
David Macclure - Prop Maker
David Meng - Prop Maker
David Tremont - Prop Maker
Don Brooker - Prop Maker
Dorothy Hsu - Prop Maker
Duncan Brown - Prop Maker
Eden Small - Prop Maker
Eric Bon - Prop Maker
Frances Richardson - Prop Maker
Gary Hunt - Prop Maker
Greg Allison - Prop Maker
Greg Tozer - Prop Maker
Hiroshi Tange - Prop Maker
Ian Ruxton - Prop Maker
James French - Prop Maker
Jamie Beswarick - Prop Maker
Jobeen Tse - Prop Maker
Joe Paice - Prop Maker
Johnny Fraser Allen - Prop Maker
Kane Lockhead - Prop Maker
Kristos Focas - Prop Maker
Lindsey Crummett - Prop Maker
Marc Dutilloy - Prop Maker
Neil Marname - Prop Maker
Nicholas Antunovic - Prop Maker
Niko Kaye - Prop Maker
Paul Wickham - Prop Maker
Peter Lyon - Prop Maker
Peter Osborne - Prop Maker
Richard Matthews - Prop Maker
Richard Thurston - Prop Maker
Robert Irons - Prop Maker
Robert Ju - Prop Maker
Ryk Fortuna - Prop Maker
Shari Finn - Prop Maker
Stephen Edwards - Prop Maker
Tristan McCallum - Prop Maker
Vibol Moeung - Prop Maker
Wayne Dawson - Prop Maker
Wayne Thomas - Prop Maker
Callum Linegard - Prop Maker
Neil Schrader - Prop Maker
Gregory Salter - Sequence Supervisor
Jay Cooper - Sequence Supervisor
Jen Howard - Sequence Supervisor
Mark Nettleton - Sequence Supervisor
Robert Weaver - Sequence Supervisor
Tom Fejes - Sequence Supervisor
Tory Mercer - Sequence Supervisor
Antoine Bouthors - Software Engineer
Bill Lorton - Software Engineer
Boon Hean Low - Software Engineer
Carla Morris - Software Engineer
Daniel Lond - Software Engineer
Eric Soulvie - Software Engineer
Jack Elder - Software Engineer
Jacopo Pantaleoni - Software Engineer
Jade Mansueto - Software Engineer
Jon Hertzig - Software Engineer
Kevin Atkinson - Software Engineer
Kim Slattery - Software Engineer
Kiyoyuki Nakagaki - Software Engineer
Marcus Schoo - Software Engineer
Michael Tandecki - Software Engineer
Paolo Emilio Selva - Software Engineer
Paul-George H. Roberts - Software Engineer
Pravin Bhatt - Software Engineer
Wendy Lloyd - Software Engineer
Xian Xiao - Software Engineer
Matt Nelson - Systems Administrators & Support
Craig Tanner - Visual Effects Editor
Pierre Raymond - Executive Visual Effects Producer
Robin Prybil - Executive Visual Effects Producer
Camera 32
Mauro Fiore - Director of Photography
Roberto De Angelis - Steadicam Operator
David Emmerichs - Steadicam Operator
Richard Bluck - Camera Operator
Mark Fellman - Still Photographer
Ryan Sheridan - Digital Imaging Technician
Richard Bluck - Second Unit Director of Photography
Huw Griffiths - Best Boy Grip
David Shaw - Dolly Grip
Kane Asher - Dolly Grip
Larry Nielsen - First Assistant "A" Camera
Dennis Hoerter - Key Grip
Paul Farley - Key Grip
Richard Mall - Key Grip
Tony Keddy - Key Grip
Donald Reynolds Jr. - Key Grip
Steve Unwin - Still Photographer
Sandy Taylor - Camera Department Manager
Lee Bramwell - Camera Supervisor
Abhishek Pandian - Data Wrangler
Brett Wilkins - Data Wrangler
Filippo Paganoni - Data Wrangler
Kris Bieringa - Data Wrangler
Layne Small - Data Wrangler
Navin Sk - Data Wrangler
Renton McNeill - Data Wrangler
Richard McKenzie - Data Wrangler
Rob Sclater - Data Wrangler
Samuel Duncan - Data Wrangler
Stephen Allison - Data Wrangler
Stephen Smart - Data Wrangler
Shawn Dunn - Head of Layout
Editing 17
James Cameron - Editor
John Refoua - Editor
Stephen E. Rivkin - Editor
Christine Carr - Digital Intermediate
Marvin Hall - Digital Intermediate
Eric Bidinger - Additional Colorist
Claudia Huerta - Assistant Editor
James Meikle - Assistant Editor
Justin Shaw - Assistant Editor
Mark Hawthorne - Assistant Editor
Roxanne Dorman - Assistant Editor
Dawn Marquette - Assistant Editor
Kristen Young - Assistant Editor
Zara Park - Digital Intermediate Producer
Jason Gaudio - First Assistant Editor
Gary Burritt - Negative Cutter
Skip Kimball - Senior Digital Intermediate Colorist
Production 84
James Cameron - Producer
Jon Landau - Producer
Margery Simkin - Casting
Miranda Rivers - Casting
Mali Finn - Casting
Jennifer Teves - Production Supervisor
Brigitte Yorke - Production Manager
Judy Alley - Publicist
Laeta Kalogridis - Executive Producer
Brooke Breton - Co-Producer
Josh McLaglen - Co-Producer
Peter M. Tobyansen - Line Producer
Colin Wilson - Executive Producer
Liz Mullane - Casting
Geoff Burdick - Executive In Charge Of Production
Boris Kunac - Unit Manager
Mika Saito - Production Supervisor
Chris Walker - Unit Manager
Colin Wilson - Unit Production Manager
Dan Horton - Art Department Production Assistant
Francie McGirr - Production Assistant
Sally Ford - Production Assistant
Tasha Lang - Production Assistant
Jock Fyfe - Location Manager
Kevin Magill - Location Assistant
Wendy Chesebrough Lowe - Post Production Coordinator
Holly Dorff - ADR Voice Casting
Johnny Gidcomb - ADR Voice Casting
Yvette Reid - Extras Casting Assistant
Gillian Davies - Extras Casting Assistant
Justine Hempe - Casting Associate
Kimberly Graham - Casting Assistant
Ashley Slater - Casting Assistant
Inge Rademeyer - Travel Coordinator
Kristin Berbae - Producer's Assistant
Ted Cahn - Producer's Assistant
Terri Depaolo - Producer's Assistant
Grant Roa - Producer's Assistant
Annette Encinas - Assistant Accountant
Michael Ling - Assistant Accountant
Troy McGatlin - Assistant Accountant
Valerie Suarez - Assistant Accountant
Thea Govorko - Assistant Production Coordinator
Helene Takacs - Assistant Production Coordinator
Linus Murphy - First Assistant Accountant
Sebastian Marr - Payroll Accountant
Maureen 'Mo' Crutchfield - Post Production Accountant
Averil Mawhinney - Production Accountant
Alexander Hamilton Westmore - Production Assistant
Barbara Szeman - Production Assistant
Bill Whirity - Production Assistant
Eddie Apodaca - Production Assistant
Jamie Landau - Production Assistant
Jenna Pitula - Production Assistant
Megan Fischer - Production Assistant
Michael Urbanski - Production Assistant
Morgan Elam - Production Assistant
Sara Docksey - Production Assistant
Sarah Goller - Production Assistant
Tim Patterson - Production Assistant
Andrew Emilio DeCesare - Production Assistant
Michael Elko Weaver - Production Assistant
Sherryn Hunt - Production Assistant
Andrew Cochrane - Production Coordinator
Susan Dukow - Production Coordinator
Jamie Robinson - Production Coordinator
Edith Viramontes - Production Secretary
Anne Davenport - Second Assistant Accountant
Melissa Dodds - Production Assistant
Emily Sturrock - Production Assistant
Annette Wullems - Production Manager
Grant Bensley - Production Manager
Michelle Turner - Production Manager
Charlotte Laney - Production Assistant
Clint Spillers - Production Assistant
Georgia Lovering - Production Assistant
Lee Briggs - Production Assistant
Nicole Bossier - Production Assistant
Poppy Sinclair-Lockhart - Production Assistant
Scott Bachert - Production Assistant
Tom Greene - Production Assistant
Seb Abante - Production Assistant
Hannah Clarke - Publicist
Robyn Isaacs - Publicist
Costume & Make-Up 34
Mayes C. Rubeo - Costume Design
Deborah Lynn Scott - Costume Design
Mike Smithson - Makeup Department Head
Anthony Almaraz - Costume Supervisor
Carolyn M. Fenton - Costume Supervisor
Beth Koenigsberg - Costume Supervisor
Lisa Lovaas - Costume Supervisor
John Harding - Costume Design
Lilia Mishel Acevedo - Set Costumer
Alejandro M. Hernandez - Set Costumer
Linda DeVetta - Makeup Artist
Frankie Karena - Makeup Artist
Georgia Lockhart-Adams - Makeup Artist
Roxane Griffin - Hairstylist
Linda DeVetta - Hairstylist
Tegan Taylor - Makeup Department Head
Angela Mooar - Makeup Artist
Michal Bigger - Makeup Artist
Michele Barber - Makeup Artist
Richard Alonzo - Makeup Artist
Rick Findlater - Hair Supervisor
Rick Findlater - Makeup Supervisor
Jeannie Flynn - Assistant Costume Designer
Hannah Goldblatt - Costume Assistant
Kerstin Kary - Costume Assistant
Rachel Callinan - Costume Assistant
Sally Gray - Costume Assistant
Sheila Horton - Costume Assistant
Yvonne Autridge - Costume Assistant
Zoe Fox - Costume Assistant
Cilla Leckie - Costume Coordinator
Wanda Lepionka - Costume Coordinator
Andrea Plested - Costume Standby
Chantelle Bowkett - Costume Standby
Art 76
Rick Carter - Production Design
Robert Stromberg - Production Design
Nick Bassett - Art Direction
Simon Bright - Art Direction
Robert Bavin - Art Direction
Jill Cormack - Art Direction
Sean Haworth - Art Direction
Andy McLaren - Art Direction
Andrew Menzies - Art Direction
Kim Sinclair - Set Decoration
Kim Sinclair - Supervising Art Director
Kevin Ishioka - Supervising Art Director
Stefan Dechant - Supervising Art Director
Todd Cherniawsky - Supervising Art Director
C. Scott Baker - Set Designer
Luke Caska - Set Designer
David Chow - Set Designer
Jonathan Dyer - Set Designer
Scott Herbertson - Set Designer
Joseph Hiura - Set Designer
Rebecca Jellie - Art Department Coordinator
Robert Andrew Johnson - Set Designer
Tex Kadonaga - Set Designer
Tammy S. Lee - Set Designer
Karl J. Martin - Set Designer
Richard F. Mays - Set Designer
Sam Page - Set Designer
Mike Stassi - Assistant Art Director
John Villarino - Construction Coordinator
Jeffrey Wisniewski - Assistant Art Director
Paul Tobin - Art Department Manager
Seth Engstrom - Conceptual Design
Holly Jeter - Art Department Assistant
Andrea Carter - Art Department Coordinator
Jacqui Allen - Assistant Art Director
Vanessa Cole - Assistant Art Director
Andrew Driver - Assistant Set Dresser
Anthony Russell - Assistant Set Dresser
Darryn Sigley - Assistant Set Dresser
Dean Hudson - Assistant Set Dresser
Ruben Allen - Assistant Set Dresser
Rupert Grobben - Assistant Set Dresser
Shaun Bolton - Assistant Set Dresser
Barry Howell - Conceptual Illustrator
Craig Shoji - Conceptual Illustrator
Daphne Yap - Conceptual Illustrator
Dorian Bustamante - Conceptual Illustrator
James Clyne - Conceptual Illustrator
Ryan Church - Conceptual Illustrator
Steven Messing - Conceptual Illustrator
Victor James Martinez - Conceptual Illustrator
Richard Taylor - Conceptual Design
Norman Willerton - Construction Buyer
Nik Novis - Construction Manager
Ed Mulholand - Construction Manager
Tanea Chapman - Lead Set Dresser
Andrew M. Siegel - Property Master
Andrew Chan - Set Designer
Andrew Reeder - Set Designer
Darryl Longstaffe - Set Designer
John Lott - Set Designer
Michael Smale - Set Designer
Paul Ozzimo - Set Designer
Amber Richards - Set Dresser
Ben Whale - Set Dresser
Daniel Birt - Set Dresser
David Kolff - Set Dresser
Eliza Meldrum - Set Dresser
Milton Candish - Set Dresser
Gillian West-Walker - Set Dresser
Tony Leonardi - Standby Painter
Dordi Moen - Painter
Les Nairn - Painter
Jonathon Brough - Painter
Bee Jin Tan - Graphic Designer
Mark Christiansen - Graphic Designer
Sound 41
Christopher Boyes - Sound Designer
Christopher Boyes - Supervising Sound Editor
Dennie Thorpe - Foley
Jana Vance - Foley
Gwendolyn Yates Whittle - Supervising Sound Editor
William Stein - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Ken Fischer - Sound Effects Editor
Shannon Mills - Sound Effects Editor
Tim Nielsen - Sound Effects Editor
Christopher Scarabosio - Sound Effects Editor
Addison Teague - Supervising Sound Editor
Dick Bernstein - Music Editor
James Horner - Original Music Composer
Kim Foscato - Dialogue Editor
Cheryl Nardi - Dialogue Editor
Marshall Winn - Dialogue Editor
Tim Gomillion - Sound Recordist
Ryan Cole - Sound Recordist
Stuart McCowan - ADR Editor
Richard Hymns - ADR Editor
Steve Slanec - ADR Editor
Jim Likowski - Foley Editor
Juan Peralta - Additional Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Sam Spicer - Boom Operator
Frank Rinella - Foley Mixer
Sean England - Foley Recordist
Tony Sereno - Sound Mix Technician
Davis Lee - Production Sound Mixer
Tony Johnson - Production Sound Mixer
William B. Kaplan - Production Sound Mixer
James M. Tanenbaum - Production Sound Mixer
James Spencer - Sound Recordist
Andy Nelson - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Gary Summers - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Noah Katz - Sound Editor
Simon Franglen - Music Arranger
Simon Rhodes - Scoring Mixer
J.A.C. Redford - Orchestrator
Jon Kull - Orchestrator
Nicholas Dodd - Orchestrator
Jim Henrikson - Supervising Music Editor
Visual Effects 353
Jill Brooks - Visual Effects Producer
Joyce Cox - Visual Effects Producer
Chris Del Conte - Visual Effects Producer
Jenny Foster - Visual Effects Producer
Alain Lalanne - Visual Effects Producer
Cyndi Ochs - Visual Effects Producer
Jonathan Fawkner - Visual Effects Supervisor
Anthony 'Max' Ivins - Visual Effects Supervisor
John Knoll - Visual Effects Supervisor
Dan Lemmon - Visual Effects Supervisor
Richard Martin - Visual Effects Supervisor
Steven Quale - Visual Effects Supervisor
Stephen Rosenbaum - Visual Effects Supervisor
Jonathan Rothbart - Visual Effects Supervisor
Eric Saindon - Visual Effects Supervisor
Lucas Salton - Visual Effects Supervisor
Wayne Stables - Visual Effects Supervisor
David Stinnett - Visual Effects Supervisor
R. Christopher White - Visual Effects Supervisor
Edson Williams - Visual Effects Supervisor
Guy Williams - Visual Effects Supervisor
Jeremy Hollobon - Animation Director
Orlando Meunier - Animation Director
Taisuke Tanimura - Animation Director
Matsune Suzuki - Modeling
John Bruno - Visual Effects Supervisor
Philippe Rebours - Visual Effects Supervisor
Jordu Schell - Lead Character Designer
Neville Page - Lead Creature Designer
Jason Mahakian - Modeling
Gregory Jein - Modeling
Steve Danhieux - I/O Manager
Carl Jacobson - I/O Manager
Daniel Hawley - I/O Manager
Eduardo Cisneros - I/O Manager
Kris Gregg - I/O Manager
Peter Moc - I/O Manager
Rene Clark - I/O Manager
Andrew Silke - Animation
Anthony McIndoe - Animation
Ben Sanders - Animation
Brett Purmal - Animation
Danny Testani - Animation
Gerald Clevy - Animation
Jean-Denis Haas - Animation
Neil Glasbey - Animation
Robert McIntosh - Animation
Simeon Duncombe - Animation
Richard Baneham - Animation Supervisor
Cathy Harris - 3D Modeller
Claire Prebble - 3D Modeller
Darin Gordine - 3D Modeller
Gabrielle Bertogg - 3D Modeller
Haley May - 3D Modeller
Jasmin Van Lith - 3D Modeller
Nadine Jaggi - 3D Modeller
Pranee McKinlay - 3D Modeller
Rupert Grobben - 3D Modeller
Samantha Morley - 3D Modeller
Tira O'Daly - 3D Modeller
Michael Grealish - 3D Modeller
Patrick Kalyn - Animation
Jonathan Reynolds - 3D Generalist
Geronimo Moralez - Additional Visual Effects
Sarah Reese-Edwards - Additional Visual Effects
William Morrison - Additional Visual Effects
Arthur Vail - Additional Visual Effects
Brian Taber - Additional Visual Effects
Nickolas Stevens - Additional Visual Effects
Jody Echegaray - Additional Visual Effects
Toni Pace Carstensen - Additional Visual Effects
Alexander K. Lee - Animation
Ambre Maurin - Animation
Andrea Castagnoli - Animation
Andy Wong - Animation
Austin Eddy - Animation
Chris Starwalt - Animation
Daniel Zettl - Animation
Erik Morgansen - Animation
Greg Towner - Animation
James Bennett - Animation
Jance Rubinchik - Animation
Jeremy Cantor - Animation
John Zdankiewicz - Animation
Jonathan Paquin - Animation
Laurent Laban - Animation
Liam Russell - Animation
Lina Kouznetsova - Animation
Marchand Jooste - Animation
Mark Stanger - Animation
Michael Aerni - Animation
Paul Claessens - Animation
Samy Fecih - Animation
Steve Rawlins - Animation
Tim Waddy - Animation
Luis F. Pazos - Animation Coordinator
Jarom Sidwell - Animation Department Coordinator
Andrew R. Jones - Animation Supervisor
Daniel Loeb - Animation Supervisor
Paul Kavanagh - Animation Supervisor
Derrick Auyoung - Animation Technical Director
Juan Antonio Amblés - Animation Technical Director
Lori Smallwood - Animation Technical Director
Taylor Carrasco - Animation Technical Director
Regina Cachuela - Animation Technical Director
Tim Stevenson - Animation
Toby Haruno - Animation
Andrew Roberts - CG Artist
Aymeric Aute - CG Artist
Charley Carlat - CG Artist
Conrad Dueck - CG Artist
Fred Haro - CG Artist
Gavyn Thompson - CG Artist
John Lindstein - CG Artist
Nathan Millsap - CG Artist
Nick Damico - CG Artist
Tharyn Valavanis - CG Artist
Tong Tran - CG Artist
Anselm Seherr-Thoss - CG Artist
Brett McLaughlin - CG Artist
Jonathan Mitchell - CG Artist
Mike Jahnke - CG Artist
Robert Ward - CG Artist
Areito Echevarria - Compositing Lead
Caterina Schiffers - Compositing Lead
Christoph Salzmann - Compositing Lead
David Houghton-Williams - Compositing Lead
David Phillips - Compositing Lead
David Shere - Compositing Lead
Jan Dubberke - Compositing Lead
Karim Sahai - Compositing Lead
Lloyd Lee Barnett - Compositing Lead
Mark Richardson - Compositing Lead
Matt Holland - Compositing Lead
Nathan Hopkins - Compositing Lead
Norman Cates - Compositing Lead
Paul Redican - Compositing Lead
Robin Hollander - Compositing Lead
Steve McGee - Compositing Lead
Steve McGillen - Compositing Lead
Theodor Groeneboom - Compositing Lead
Tim Hey - Compositing Lead
Tom Baskaya - Compositing Lead
Christian Kaestner - Compositing Supervisor
Eddie Pasquarello - Compositing Supervisor
Jane Sharvina - Compositing Supervisor
Jean-Pierre Flayeux - Compositing Supervisor
Michel Barrière - Compositing Supervisor
Thierry Delattre - Compositing Supervisor
Adam Cobabe - Creature Technical Director
David Feuillatre - Creature Technical Director
Eduardo Graña - Creature Technical Director
Eli Tucker - Creature Technical Director
Gios Johnston - Creature Technical Director
Johann Francois Coetzee - Creature Technical Director
Jon Lemmon - Creature Technical Director
Laura Lumpuy Nicolas - Creature Technical Director
Lonnie Kraatz - Creature Technical Director
Lorenzo Basurto - Creature Technical Director
Marco Barbati - Creature Technical Director
Marco Vidaurre - Creature Technical Director
Matthias Zeller - Creature Technical Director
Oleg Magrisso - Creature Technical Director
Peter Megow - Creature Technical Director
Radford Hurn - Creature Technical Director
Ron E.J. Miller - Creature Technical Director
Rufus Blow - Creature Technical Director
Sunny Teich - Creature Technical Director
Vincent Yan - Creature Technical Director
Christoph Meyer - Creature Technical Director
Jay Gambell - Creature Technical Director
René van De Poel - Creature Technical Director
Malcolm Thomas-Gustave - Creature Technical Director
Kevin Romond - VFX Supervisor
Marvyn Young - Digital Effects Producer
John M. Levin - Layout Supervisor
Aldo Gagliardi - Lead Animator
Ben Forster - Lead Animator
Daniel Barrett - Lead Animator
Jan Philip Cramer - Lead Animator
Michael Cozens - Lead Animator
Robyn Luckham - Lead Animator
Alex Burt - Lead Animator
Adam J. Ely - Matte Painter
Belinda Allen - Matte Painter
Elias Gonzalez - Matte Painter
Federico Bozzano - Matte Painter
Heather Abels - Matte Painter
Jean-Luc Azzis - Matte Painter
Kristi Valk - Matte Painter
Lyse Beck - Matte Painter
Mannix Bennett - Matte Painter
Michael Lloyd - Matte Painter
Nicole Mather - Matte Painter
Adrian Chan - Modeling
Andreas Nehls - Modeling
Andrei Coval - Modeling
Andreja Vuckovic - Modeling
Atanas Atanasov - Modeling
Bo Mosley - Modeling
Brook Kievit - Modeling
Cajun Hylton - Modeling
Cedric Enriquez Canlas - Modeling
Clare Woodford-Robinson - Modeling
Daniel Moy - Modeling
Djordje Cakovan - Modeling
Eung Ho Lo - Modeling
Gershom Sissing - Modeling
Hamza Butt - Modeling
Jakob Kousholt - Modeling
James Sutton - Modeling
James Willingham III - Modeling
Jay Renner - Modeling
Jeremy Berruel - Modeling
Jose Samson - Modeling
Justin Steel - Modeling
Kaori Miyazawa - Modeling
Kurt Butler - Modeling
Leslie Chan - Modeling
Makiko Handa - Modeling
Mary Swinnerton - Modeling
Matt Beale - Modeling
Matt Fitzgerald - Modeling
Matteo Stirati - Modeling
Matthew Bullock - Modeling
Myles Asseter - Modeling
Nathan Farquhar - Modeling
Nicholas Wilson - Modeling
Niklas Preston - Modeling
Pablo Ángeles Zuman - Modeling
Pär Tingström - Modeling
Robert Vignone - Modeling
Romain Bivar Segurado - Modeling
Sam Sharplin - Modeling
Shannon Thomas - Modeling
Stuart Penn - Modeling
Sun Jin Lee - Modeling
Thomas Sing Wai Lo - Modeling
Yasmin Khudari - Modeling
Ben Lambert - Modelling Supervisor
Marco Revelant - Modelling Supervisor
Andreas Rohr - Pipeline Technical Director
James Liu - Pipeline Technical Director
Karl Erlandsen - Pipeline Technical Director
Leo Hills - Pipeline Technical Director
Lorenzo Angeli - Pipeline Technical Director
Robin Reyer - Pipeline Technical Director
Vaughn Cato - Pipeline Technical Director
Felipe Bohórquez - Pipeline Technical Director
Joao Montenegro - Pipeline Technical Director
Jaz Rongokea - Visual Effects Supervisor
Jaz Rongokea - Visual Effects Producer
Helen Clare - VFX Production Coordinator
Jennah Rasmussen - VFX Production Coordinator
Jessica Ponte - VFX Production Coordinator
Marissa Gomes - VFX Production Coordinator
N'Cee Van Heerden - VFX Production Coordinator
Peti Nohotima - VFX Production Coordinator
Sam Buys - VFX Production Coordinator
Schuyler Pappas - VFX Production Coordinator
Stacy Bissell - VFX Production Coordinator
Sandy Houston - Roto Supervisor
Tammy Sutton - Roto Supervisor
John Stevenson-Galvin - Senior Modeller
Jung Min Chang - Senior Modeller
Nicholas Gaul - Senior Modeller
Richard Raimbault - Senior Modeller
Simon Cheung - Senior Modeller
Michael Lester - Stereoscopic Supervisor
Allen Tracy - VFX Editor
Darryl Doherty - VFX Editor
Tyler Hockett - VFX Editor
Eileen Moran - Visual Effects Producer
Andrew M. Collins - Visual Effects
Billy-Vu Lam - Visual Effects
Bruno Parenti - Visual Effects
C. Jerome Williams - Visual Effects
Cameron Coombs - Visual Effects
Chris Fregoso - Visual Effects
Chris Haney - Visual Effects
Chris Payne - Visual Effects
Chris Radcliffe - Visual Effects
Chun Seong Ng - Visual Effects
Colin Strause - Visual Effects
Daniel Chavez - Visual Effects
David Michaels - Visual Effects
Gizmo Rivera - Visual Effects
Greg Strause - Visual Effects
Jarrod Avalos - Visual Effects
Joe Harkins - Visual Effects
Joshua Cordes - Visual Effects
Kenneth Quinn Brown - Visual Effects
Kim LeBrane - Visual Effects
Krystal Sae Eua - Visual Effects
Laura Sevilla - Visual Effects
Leonardo Martinez - Visual Effects
Loeng Wong-Savun - Visual Effects
Marco Capparelli - Visual Effects
Marcus Erbar - Visual Effects
Miguel A. Guerrero - Visual Effects
Peng Ke - Visual Effects
Robert Hubbard - Visual Effects
Shigeharu Tomotoshi - Visual Effects
T.J. Burke - Visual Effects
Tamer Eldib - Visual Effects
Tony Meagher - Visual Effects
Tulio Hernandez - Visual Effects
York N. Schueller - Visual Effects
Anouk L'Heureux - Visual Effects Coordinator
Brice Liesveld - Visual Effects Coordinator
Bryan Searing - Visual Effects Coordinator
Cara Tallulha Davies - Visual Effects Coordinator
Charlyn Go - Visual Effects Coordinator
Chris McClintock - Visual Effects Coordinator
Crystal Choo - Visual Effects Coordinator
Laia Alomar - Visual Effects Coordinator
Louise Bertrand - Visual Effects Coordinator
Matthew Sabourin - Visual Effects Coordinator
Mikael Jaeger Jensen - Visual Effects Coordinator
Molly Pabian - Visual Effects Coordinator
Myléne Guérin - Visual Effects Coordinator
Nancy Lamontagne - Visual Effects Coordinator
Steve Riera - Visual Effects Coordinator
Laura Zentil - Visual Effects Producer
Maricel Pagulayan - Visual Effects Producer
Tripp Hudson - Visual Effects Producer
Daniel Leduc - Visual Effects Producer
Daniel Leduc - VFX Supervisor
Fenella Stratton - VFX Production Coordinator
Marcus Goodwin - VFX Production Coordinator
Antoine Deschamps - Visual Effects Supervisor
Erik Winquist - Visual Effects Supervisor
Mathilde Tollec - Visual Effects Supervisor
Pierre Buffin - Visual Effects Supervisor
Tim Webber - Visual Effects Supervisor
Adrien Toupet - Visual Effects Technical Director
Andreas Vrhovsek - Visual Effects Technical Director
Ben Frost - Visual Effects Technical Director
David Caeiro Cebrián - Visual Effects Technical Director
Florian Hu - Visual Effects Technical Director
Francois Sugny - Visual Effects Technical Director
Garry Runke - Visual Effects Technical Director
Guillaume Fradin - Visual Effects Technical Director
Gunnar Radeloff - Visual Effects Technical Director
Jayandera Danappal - Visual Effects Technical Director
John A. Patterson - Visual Effects Technical Director
Kawaldeep Singh - Visual Effects Technical Director
Mariano Blanc - Visual Effects Technical Director
Martin Halle - Visual Effects Technical Director
Pierre Grage - Visual Effects Technical Director
Ronnie Menahem - Visual Effects Technical Director
Thomas P. Bolt - Visual Effects Technical Director
Will Elsdale - Visual Effects Technical Director
Lighting 24
Giles Coburn - Best Boy Electric
Scott Sprague - Lighting Technician
Arun Ram-Mohan - Lighting Artist
Alan Wilson - Electrician
Byron Sparrow - Electrician
Chris Chandler - Electrician
Chris Smailes - Electrician
Jamie Couper - Electrician
Ryan O'Donnell - Electrician
Taipua Adams - Electrician
Antony Farrell - Electrician
Anthony Waterhouse - Electrician
Edward Tyrie - Electrician
Matthew Sharp - Electrician
Chris Culliton - Gaffer
John Buckley - Gaffer
Peter Mansell - Lighting Coordinator
Matt Andrews - Rigging Gaffer
David Brown - Rigging Gaffer
Ben Vere Jones - Rigging Grip
Jason Rei - Rigging Grip
Keith Watkins - Rigging Grip
Michael Braid - Rigging Grip
Ross Jones - Rigging Grip
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