Father of Four: And Uncle Sofus (1957)

Release Date: 1957-11-25

Runtime: 1 hour and 28 minutes

Genre(s): Comedy, Family

Language(s): Danish


At home in the small family is nothing new. Tiny Per is the school's mischief maker, Sister has heartaches, Mie and Ole has to be in the school play, etc. But suddenly something happens. Good old Uncle Anders has a twin brother in the United States. He called Sofus, and now he comes home to celebrate 70th birthday. He was a troublemaker when he left and now he has become even worse

Cast 30
Karl Stegger - Far
Otto Møller Jensen - Ole
Rudi Hansen - Mie
Ole Neumann - Lille Per
Peter Malberg - Onkel Anders / Onkel Sofus
Ib Mossin - Peter
Annizette Hansen
Agnes Rehni
Leo Randrup Knudsen
Grethe Nielsen
Kjeld Stanley
Åsta Hjelm
Inger Sepstrup
Povl Wøldike
Einar Juhl - Rektor
Holger Juul Hansen
Poul Erik Møller Pedersen
Bente Svendsen
Jens Thygesen
Jan Herdahl
Tommy Larsen
Mantza Rasmussen
Preben Kaas
Ole Ishøy
Henry Nielsen
Erling Dalsborg
Hjalmar Madsen
Kirsten Passer
Birgitte Price - Søs (as Birgitte Bruun)
Grethe Kausland - Lille Grethe
Directing 1
Alice O'Fredericks - Director
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