Father of Four: The Whole Shebang (1961)

Release Date: 1961-12-15

Runtime: 1 hour and 28 minutes

Genre(s): Music, Comedy, Family

Language(s): Danish


Tiny Per has come of school age, and he has certainly not become any duller. He has joined a soccer team and they must play against the Swedes.

Cast 20
Karl Stegger - Far
Hanne Borchsenius - Søs
Otto Møller Jensen - Ole
Rudi Hansen - Mie
Ole Neumann - Lille Per
Peter Malberg - Onkel Anders
Ib Mossin - Peter / Misters stemme
Agnes Rehni - Fru Sejrsen
Einar Juhl
Gunnar Lemvigh
Jørgen Buckhøj
Ove Rud
Torsten Fønss
Harald Nielsen
Dorte Bjørndal
Poul Finn Poulsen
Hugo Herrestrup
Leo Randrup Knudsen
Helmer Bonde
Kirsten Passer
Directing 1
Alice O'Fredericks - Director
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