The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar (2006)

Release Date: 2006-02-03

Runtime: 1 hour and 25 minutes

Rating(s): 5.6

Genre(s): Family, Adventure

Language(s): Danish, French


Danish brilliant pre-teen student Nis uses his summer holiday to learn Latin so he can properly study the Knights Templar inheritance on Bjornholm island from sources. His friends Mathias, a dumb jock, and Kathrine, who only comes to spend time wear her dad, who really wanted a boy, prefer childish fun, but get dragged in his quest for a treasure. Mats's strength, Kathrine's connections and even Nis's bratty kid sister's blunt remarks contribute to find out about two brotherhoods, heirs of 12th century factions in the Templar order and deal with danger.

Cast 11
Julie Grundtvig Wester - Katrine
Christian Heldbo Wienberg - Nis
Nicklas Svale Andersen - Mathias
Frederikke Thomassen - Fie
Peter Gantzler
Kurt Ravn
Ulf Pilgaard
Birgitte Simonsen
Bent Conradi
Søren Steen
Jarl Forsman
Production 3
Tivi Magnusson - Producer
Mie Andreasen - Producer
Kim Magnusson - Executive Producer
Directing 1
Kasper Barfoed - Director
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