eTrakr is your all-in-one entertainment tracking web app, built for entertainment consumers by entertainment consumers.

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Want more information about our service before you register? Scroll down and let me explain.

How does it work?

You tell us which shows, movies and podcasts you're consuming, and we'll keep you up-to-date on the latest/next episodes and their availability.

Let's run through the main features.


Lets say, you've just started tracking 斛珠夫人.

eTrakr will add the following entry to your Dashboard.

Show Episode Title Rating Airdate
海市险丧命获方诸相救 拜方诸为师以男装示人


eTrakr also helps you keep tabs on your friends current Friends addiction and lets you react to their watching spree.


eTrakr helps you discover new entertainment based on what you already liked, what your friends like or whats currently popular.

Automatic Tracking

With automatic tracking, our extensions will keep an eye on what you're consuming and help you keep track of it.

More on the way!

Entertainment Types

The goal with eTrakr is to support as many forms of entertainment as possible.

We're always looking to expand our feature-set and allow for more entertainment types to be tracked by our users.

Currently we fully support: Shows, Movies and Podcasts.

Our Database

Our service works with a few third-party APIs to bring you the best and most reliable information about your entertainment.

Our database is under constant expansion and is updated regularly to keep the information fresh.

Here is our current database stats:







Development & You

eTrakr has had a few major releases, but updates are still being pushed weekly/monthly. The development is heavily influenced by community feedback.

Help us shape eTrakr, but expect issues, bugs and downtime as we work toward a better product.

Feedback is highly appreciated and can be submitted here.

Heard enough?

If not, our site can be freely accessed without logging in or signing up. Some features however do require a user.